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Images: Nicholas Yong

Dragon Spotting: Funan Mall's Lunar New Year Magic Unleashed

Funan Mall is turning up the heat this Lunar New Year with a spectacle that'll make your imagination soar. In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, the mythical creature comes to life in this mall-wide art activation from 19 Jan to 25 Feb, as part of Singapore Art Week 2024.

The artists created their own interpretations of “Dragons” based on a poem written by Yeow Kai Chai titled “On the Trail of the Dragon”. These are our favourite installations:

"On the Trail of the Dragon" by Yeow Kai Chai. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

"Dance of the Dragon" by Tell Your Children. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Dance of The Dragon
by Tell Your Children
Funan L1 Atrium

This animated light art installation stands brightly in the middle of the mall, “breathing” smoke in a 10-minute light show happening every 30 minutes. Chope a front-row seat right in front of the beast at the Funan Mall steps.

"Eyes of the Dragon" by Wendy Mack. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Eyes Of The Dragon
by Wendy Mack
Funan B1 Lenskart

Walk into this spectacle shop and be greeted by watchful “eyes” of dragons, a symbolic representation of being able to see beyond time and envision possible futures. Behind the installation, you can write or draw your New Year’s resolutions on spectacle lenses and add them to the communal wall.

"The Long Journey" by Dyn. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

The Long Journey
by Dyn (Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid)
Funan L2 PPP Coffee

Origami dragons take centre stage in this coffee shop, and symbolise good fortune, prosperity, power, and strength. Scan the QR code here at PPP Coffee to learn how you can create your own origami dragon.

"A Tale of Tails" by Geraldine Toh (The Ochre Home). | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

A Tale Of Tails
by Geraldine Toh (The Ochre Home)
Funan L2 Barehands

Here's a dragon with a fashionable twist. Crafted from fabric off-cuts, this installation represents dragon scales and a trailing tail. The store also sells an accompanying apparel piece handmade by Afghan refugees in Malaysia.

"Pattern of Life" by Koh Kai Ting. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Pattern Of Life
by Koh Kai Ting
Funan Kinetic Wall

An immersive experience that explores multi-species kinship through dragons. The animation happens every 30 minutes, facing the junction of Coleman Street and North Bridge Road. Bonus: scan the QR code to conjure up your own virtual dragon on Instagram.

"Genealogy" by Ong Kian Peng. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

by Ong Kian Peng
Funan L1 Razer

Watch the Razer brand's snake logo transform into a dragon. This layered acrylic masterpiece, illuminated sequentially, showcases the "evolution" of the mythical beast.

"Funan Passion Eggs (Fit)" by Arrvin Raj (left) and "Funan Passion Eggs (Play)" by Nur Iman. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

"Funan Passion Eggs (Chic)" by Steven Low. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Funan’s Passion Eggs

Scattered throughout the mall, these artistic creations by self-taught craftsman Mr. Phua and five other artists reflect Funan Mall's six passions: Craft, Chic, Fit, Play, Taste, And Tech. Can you hunt them down?

Funan Kinetic Wall
• Mr Phua’s “The Wood Dragon Egg” (Craft)
• Song Yan’s “Perf-Fact O” (Tech)

B2 Underground Linkway
• Arrvin Raj’s “The Yolk And White: Cosmic Egg” (Fit)
• Nur Iman’s “Sticking To Play” (Play)

B2 Exhibition Stretch (near Atrix)
• Steven Low’s “The Dragon Haven” (Chic)
• Jeremy Hiah’s “Silver Spoons” (Taste)

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