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4 Ways To Be More Flexible

1. Do dynamic stretches before a workout

A dynamic warm-up is not basic and easy to do, it also makes you more flexible and activates the muscles you’ll be using during your workout. Lunging with a twist, bringing your knee to your chest as you walk, and doing high kicks are some examples of dynamic stretching, as opposed to static stretching, which involves holding a stretch for 10 seconds or more while remaining motionless.

2. Do static stretches after a workout

Post-workout static stretches help to lengthen the muscles that tightened up during the workout. Not only will they increase the range of motion in your joints, they will also help to improve your speed, jumping ability and force production.

3. Getting regular massages

Using a foam roller on your calves, abs, quads and obliques is a great way to stretch and warm up before a workout. Another way to improve flexibility is getting regular body massages - this remove knots in muscle and tissue that restrict movement, and stimulates the production of the body’s natural lubricants.

4. Take time to relax

Ending off a tough week exacerbated by stresses at work and at home with a hard session at the gym - now that’s a recipe for disaster. Not only will you be physically fatigued (on top of being mentally drained), you will also increase your risk of injury and lower your rate of recovery. Relaxing - walking, breathing deeply, getting a massage - eases the tension in your muscles.

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