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Striking in stripes, awesome in orange or wow in white? (From left) Balestier Khalsa, Albirex Niigata, Lion City Sailors and other SPL teams help you wear your support proudly - and stylishly! Photos (from left): Instagram/@balestierkhalsa, @albirexsingapore, @lioncitysailors.fc

All Kitted Out: Support Local With SPL Football Jerseys

The new Singapore Premier League (SPL) season is upon us, and while I’m enjoying our local game, I’m also loving the brand-new kits that the teams have launched for the new season.

As a massive football jersey collector, I’m impressed by how our local teams have stepped up their new jersey launches on social media – just as cool as the top European teams wei. And did I mention how much I'm fanboying over the ultra chio designs? Time to cop the drop!

So instead of wearing your Liverpool or MU kit on your next date with bae, how about supporting local football by wearing an SPL jersey – confirm plus chop you'll stand out from the crowd.

Albirex Niigata (S)

The Japanese club means business this year, bringing top Japan Football League (J-League) star Tadanari Lee to Singapore to wrestle the title back from Lion City Sailors. This time around, the Mizuno strip is a more faded orange compared to their usual vibrant colours, while their white Away could do with a pop of colour. However, I do love that Albirex will be selling special “Man of the Match” jerseys with name prints in gold, just like what J-League teams do.

Balestier Khalsa

Balestier Khalsa have switched up their Adidas Home kits by featuring striking red and white stripes, and these boys are definitely stylin’ from the pitch to the streets in their black Away kits. Can’t wait to cop this for my personal collection.

Geylang International

FBT have been banging out unique designs for Geylang, and this year’s geometric mint-green motif is no exception – you will be hard-pressed to find a jersey similar to this anywhere else in the world. Massive props to FBT especially after a really cool 2021 Home kit drop too!

Lion City Sailors

The 2021 SPL Champions have retained the same design since their inception – but we can’t wait to see top players like our SG captain Hariss Harun and up-and-coming superstar Saifullah Akhbar take to the pitch in their pure-white Puma Home kit and, my personal favourite, the sky-blue Away kit. Will they retain their hold of the SPL? One superfan thinks so.

Hougang United

My hometown club (let’s go Northeast boys!) have really stepped up their jersey game this season – both their orange Home and blue Away come with two distinct stripes running down the front of the jersey. A top effort by Warrix!

Tampines Rovers

The Rovers have returned to their classic yellow colourway this year with a bold design on the front, which the team says is inspired by the shape of the leaves from the Tampines tree. The winner for me though is that sweet black Away kit - a garang tiger print purr-fect for the Year of the Tiger.

Tanjong Pagar United

Continuing their streak of impressive jersey designs, FBT have also unveiled a banger this season for Tanjong Pagar United with a red-and-white Home and dark-blue Away that’s pretty stylo milo if you ask me.

Young Lions (sorry, this one can only support, cannot buy)

Like its senior team, the future wonderkids of Singapore football wear Nike red Home jerseys and blue Away kits every year, but we've yet to see this season's jerseys as the team plays only on 12 March. It is also the only team whose jerseys can't be bought (psst, if you got lobang to buy one, help a bro out please).

So… where to buy leh?

If you're the type to try before you buy, then Weston Corp is your best place to go check out the jerseys close up. 

For the Lion City Sailors, you can buy their jerseys on Shopee (though you'll need to contact them for name prints). Geylang are selling their kits on Shopee too. Albirex have a dedicated website to buy their merch.

As for the rest of the teams (except the Young Lions sadly), just drop them a PM on their social media pages.

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