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Rainbow Centre student-artist Natasha Ellyyana Hirwan created this artwork using upcycled cosmetics. Images: Rainbow Centre

Artists Behind The Art: Youths With Disabilities Did These With... Make-Up

Acrylic, oil, gouache, watercolour - these are some of the more conventional mediums that artists use in the world of visual art.

For a group of student artists, lipstick and eyeliner have made their way onto the canvas. Why? Well, why not? Creativity knows no limits!

Their efforts are part of “Beauty of Art” - a collaborative exhibition between Rainbow Centre (a charity that runs schools for people with disabilities) and cosmetics company Shiseido Asia Pacific - which is happening at the East Garden Gallery of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

The aim: to promote sustainability and circularity through upcycling cosmetic products. Perhaps this showcase can inspire you to be just as creative, and think about how your (or bae's) expired make-up can bring out the artist in you.

"Mount Fuji" by Pek Song Wei Javier.Image: Rainbow Centre
"The Gathering of Crimson Sunbirds" by Mark Rojan Montenegro Tupas.Image: Rainbow Centre
"Elegance" by Natasha Ellyyana Binte Hirwan.Image: Rainbow Centre
"Blooming Pride" by Mohammad Fadhlurrahman Bin Mohammad Zulkarnean.Image: Rainbow Centre

On display are 38 artworks by 26 youths from the Rainbow Centre's Artability Programme started in 2018.

The programme nurtures the artistic potential of students (aged 15 to 18) with autism or physical disabilities, and, according to the centre, "develops students with potential in visual arts by exposing them to new art techniques, growing their personal styles and partnering with various stakeholders to showcase their works to the public".

(From left) Khairul Safari, Janevi Chew, and Rajendran Thilak are some of the 26 youths from Rainbow Centre’s Artability Programme whose works will be on display at the East Garden Gallery of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.Photos: Rainbow Centre

Show your support!

The exhibition is open all day until 27 February 2022, and admission is free.

All the artwork on display at "Beauty of Art" is for sale, and all the proceeds will go towards the student artists and the Artability Programme.

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