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Father's Day: Songs To Reminisce About Those Father-Child Moments

Father's Day might be over, but that doesn't mean you cannot compile some father-child songs and send them as a heartfelt gesture of thanks to your old man for raising you. In fact, we've done it for you!

These songs address the ups and downs of parenthood - from joyous occasions to absent fathers - and give us a glimpse of what it might be like standing in Dad's shoes.

Local singer-songwriter Thaddeus Lin just dropped his latest single, "Hey Son". It illustrates a conversation of an adult to his/her inner child - with a mellow tone, memorable lyrics, and laid-back folk arrangement. Perfect for all the young-at-heart laopehs out there!

Springsteen had an uneasy relationship with his father, but this song talks about overcoming those difficulties and embracing him. Earnest lyrics like "I imagined the hard things that pulled us apart / Will never again, sir, tear us from each other's hearts" will hopefully help some of you mend your father-child relationships.

This heartbreaking song tells of a father and son who can't schedule time to be with each other. Tolong ah, all the workaholics out there - remember to always set aside time for family, especially if you now WFH. No excuse, hor.

Putting his own spin on the 1981 Bill Withers classic, Will Smith paid tribute to his eldest child Trey in his 1997 track "Just The Two Of Us". The music video even featured a young Trey and the song reinforces a strong father-son relationship. Maybe you can write a song for your son or father next Father's Day leh!

It's not the most common thing for sons to be outwardly affectionate to their dads as well. But this song is all about expressing gratitude to your dad; one particular line encapsulates the highest compliment a son could give to his father: "If I can raise him half as well as you raised me, guess I'll be doing pretty well". 

When Jay-Z isn't spitting bars and rapping, he can be a huge softie as well. Written in the days after with Beyonce giving birth to their daughter Blue Ivy, this song sees the rapper experiencing the joys of fatherhood for the first time with lyrics like "Words can't describe what I'm feeling, for real" and "Baby I'll paint the sky blue. My greatest creation was you". The song even opens with Blue Ivy's heartbeat.

Most parents dread the rebellious phase their kids go through, and even celebrities are no different. This dad-daughter duet by Miley and Billy Cyrus explores the coming-of-age frustrations when a child becomes a know-it-all, but they ultimately realise that daddy knows best. Miley sings proudly about all the things she took from her father, including "that strength is something you choose".

Once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl. Beyonce sings about fond memories as the two would "bike ride every day on the bayou" and recalls the disappointment-turned-acceptance when she got her first tattoo. Having grown up, Beyonce still honours that "man in my life that can't be replaced". Oh, and if you you're inspired (like so many other Singaporeans) to pick up cycling with your old man, check out our piece on which bicycle is best for you.

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