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Fun Singapore-Related Facts About World Cup Winner Argentina

The wait is over for Lionel Messi, as Argentina won the 2022 World Cup in a thrilling final against France in probably the most exciting World Cup match ever. La Albiceleste defeated Les Blues in a penalty shootout after going back and forth 3-3 into extra time.

Even though we're still half asleep after the match, Argentina's win sent us down a Google rabbithole. While Buenos Aires is several oceans and mountain ranges away from us, here are some links we discovered between our two nations:

Singapore and Argentina can both boast about their geography

While Singapore is one degree north of the equator, Argentina is home to both highest and lowest points of the southern hemisphere. Cerro Aconcagua is the tallest mountain (6960m), while Laguna del Carbon, a salt lake in the Santa Cruz Province is the lowest point (-105m).

It takes more than a day to fly to Argentina from Changi

31 hours to be exact, and you still need to make at least one stop before disembarking at the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires. We do get to stay 90 days in Argentina without a visa. But if you want a true respite from the equatorial heat, how about hopping on a cruise to Antarctica from Argentina? The majority of cruises to Antarctica start from Ushuaia, in Argentina's Patagonia, and will take you straight from the treacherous southern waters to the South Pole in around 2 to 3 days. 

Or you can have delicious Argentinian food right here

Feast like a champ at some of these top-rated Argentinian restaurants right here in our Little Red Dot, which serve grilled meat the traditional asado way. Try wood fire BBQ at Bochinche at 27 Club St, or FIRE at ION Sky.

You can buy Argentinian beef in Singapore too

Try your hand at grilling Argentinian beef from Prime Butchery, Meat Collective, or Meat United. The bulk of Argentinian cattle roam freely and feed on grass, with no growth hormones or antibiotics. As a result, these cattle produce leaner, healthier meat.

How about some wine to go with dinner?

Pair your meats with a bottle of wine straight from the vineyards of Argentina, the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. The country rarely experiences issues of insects, fungi, mold and other grape diseases, so wine is cultivated with little to no pesticides. You can buy Argentinian wine at Wine Connection, Wine Delivery, or Wines Online.


Argentina's ambassador to Singapore has favourite players too

If you were watching Argentina’s World Cup matches at Chijmes, you might have seen Mauricio Nine, the Ambassador for the Argentine Republic in Singapore. He told The Straits Times that some of his favourite players are the GOAT Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez and Alexis Mac Allister.

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