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Show your driving skills and take down Max Verstappen (top left), or show off your parkour skills (bottom left) in these upcoming games in May 2024. (Clockwise from top left): Scenes from "F1 2024", "Paper Mario", "Little Kitty, Big City", and "The Rogue Prince of Persia".

Games in May: Racing, Paper Mario, And Play As A Cat

After the whirlwind of hype surrounding Stellar Blade's PS5 release, it’s nice to have a peaceful month of gaming... so far, at least. Over the next few weeks, you can look forward to high-speed thrills on a track, a nostalgic Nintendo remake, and roleplaying as a mischievous feline terrorising a neighbourhood. 

Here are the big game releases for May:

Endless Ocean Luminous
Nintendo Switch

Release date: 2 May

Picture this: you've just clocked out after a day of dodging your angry boss, and all you crave is some chill time. Endless Ocean Luminous is your ticket to underwater serenity. Plunge into this adventure simulation as a scuba diver exploring the wonders of the deep blue sea. Swim alongside dolphins, stumble upon extinct creatures, or uncover the secrets of sunken ships. There are no lofty goals here – just explore to your heart’s content.

MotoGP 24
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Release date: 2 May

Instead of going for a swim, perhaps you prefer the freedom of racing on two-wheels. The latest instalment in the long-running motorcycle racing series has been developed with fan feedback in mind, including features like adaptive AI, which adjusts the difficulty based on your performance in-game, and a dynamic career mode that will see riders switch between teams and develop rivalries as the season progresses.

Little Kitty, Big City
PC, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Release date: 9 May

This game is the purr-fect match for those who mindlessly scroll through TikTok cat memes (we won’t judge). Play as a cute kitty causing mayhem and mischief around town (think: pouncing on unsuspecting residents or napping on laptop keyboards). From the trailer, we’re getting vibes of a certain goose game, albeit a more “toned-down” version.

Homeworld 3

Release date: 13 May

For as long as we have been publishing our monthly video games previews, we don’t recall seeing a major real-time strategy title among our lists. Homeworld 3 is an interstellar epic two decades in the making. Strap into the commander’s seat, command your battleships, and engage in epic space skirmishes amid towering cosmic structures in glorious 3D. Enlist up to two friends for co-op missions – these reward awesome powers that carry over for your squad’s next quest.

The Rogue Prince of Persia

Release date: 14 May (early access)

Take the OG Prince of Persia, give it a graphics overhaul, add a dash of procedurally generated levels and cool parkour moves, and voila, you get The Rogue Prince of Persia. This 2D side-scroller features an artefact that allows The Prince (that’s you btw) to time travel, avoiding perma death and be transported to a safe zone called “The Oasis” where you can restock potion and upgrade your skills and weapons. The game will release on “early access” first, allowing you to give feedback for the devs to improve on the final version.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Nintendo Switch

Release date: 23 May

We usually don’t list remakes unless it’s a huge release, and this game certainly fits the bill – it stars Nintendo’s mascot after all. Originally released for the GameCube 20 years ago, the Switch reprint gets a visual upgrade and minor tweaks, like a Partner Ring to swap between characters and updated quick-travel pipes so you can get to fun bits a little bit quicker.

F1 24
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Release date: 28 May

F1 fans, are you sick of seeing the same face on the winner's podium every race? We feel you! Looks like the only way to break his streak is to play this video game. Take on career mode as one of the 20 F1 pros, pick a rising star from the F2 circuit, or put yourself into the driver’s seat. You can even bring back the legends like Michael Schumacher or Aryton Senna to see how they fare against today's track superstars.

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