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Here’s What Google’s Year In Search Revealed About Singaporeans In 2020

Thanks to the circuit breaker and working from home, we spent a lot of time on our screens searching for things that would either link us to the outside world, or make staying home feel more comfortable.

Google’s Year in Search 2020 revealed that Singaporeans care about food, food, and oh, how to get food delivered at all hours of the night. Here’s what else we searched for over the past 12 months:


Grocery delivery

Bubble tea was only second to food when it came to our priorities this year. Refreshing RedMart and Cold Storage’s websites for delivery slots brought us back to the days we used to camp in front of our desktops waiting for concert tickets – or ugh, bidding for modules. Thankfully, tech-savvy Singaporeans created Telegram bots that would notify us when slots were available.


Banana cake and dalgona coffee

Everyone became a home baker and a barista during the #StayHome days.


How to survive in our new normal

This list would have made 0 sense in 2019, but look how adept we are now at DIY-ing everything


Keeping ourselves mentally healthy

It’s been a stressful year, so thank goodness for mental health apps and calming tea.


Shedding the circuit breaker calories

When gyms closed, we turned to at-home workouts, especially amidst all the food deliveries.


So. Much. Escapism.  

Because binge-watching Korean dramas was the closest we could get to visiting Seoul this year *cries into poems about oppa*

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