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You're in for a frightfully good time. PHOTO: sight lines entertainment

Munah Bagharib Thrills In New Virtual Halloween Escape Experience

A supernatural mystery set in Singapore's most haunted hospital. A 25 year-old unsolved murder and missing persons' case brought back to light. And tasked to solve this terrifying mystery once and for all is... you. No pressure. 

"Murder At Old Changi Hospital: The Haunting" kicks off the Halloween season with the sequel finale to the “Murder At...” virtual escape room murder mystery series.

Written by award-winning playwright Chong Tze Chien, the highly-anticipated sequel finale brings genre-defining interactive escape room gameplay to your living room as you decode puzzles and decipher 360-degree video footage and flashbacks, to solve the alleged murder of young canteen worker Farah Aiyah. Expect thrills, screams and lots of broken friendships especially if you're participating as a group.

The role of the ill-fated victim is played by prolific local actress Munah Bagharib, best known for her work as one half of YouTube duo, MunahHirziOfficial. Since her days of being part of the comic twosome, she has gone on to achieve much success and critical acclaim on television as well as on stage. 

We caught up with the talented star on her latest foray into the horror-mystery genre and discuss how it feels to perform in such an immersive medium.

What attracted you to the role of Farah Aiyah as well as the project?

I followed Sight Lines Entertainment's journey with the "Murder At" series, so there was no question about being part of it when they offered this to me. Plus, Old Changi Hospital was a big part of my secondary school life, so to be part of something that's set there, that's quite cool.

Lastly, I do love Farah's story and I think we all can relate to it - to come from a place of innocence, and then learning the truths about life and love. She's still at that age where all she wants is to be loved, and love to her is innocent and magical. But then, her choices lead her to something more complicated.

In the end, all she wants is to find her footing and to feel wanted. I think that also relates to the story of Pontianak. At the end of it all, these are real human stories.

What challenges did you encounter while filming for the part?

It wasn't so much a challenge as trying to merge performing for theatre with filming (and being aware of the camera), and doing both at the same time.

It was pretty cool that the scenes were all filmed with the 360 camera and manoeuvering through the scenes with it was something really new. Watching how it translated on screen was even cooler, because it's so interactive – the fact that you can choose what you see.

What's your favourite part about working with your fellow cast members, from veterans like Erwin Shah as well as younger faces such as Joshua Lim, Jon Cancio, Andre Chong and Wayne Lim?

They're all incredible individuals. I'm lucky to be friends with Erwin, Bright and Jon. They are all such amazing actors. I've always been a fan of their work. Hehe.

It's my first time working with Joshua, Andre and Wayne but it was really nice to have immediate chemistry with them. So really, working with this cast was a breeze!

Do you see this type of project as the way forward for theatre companies to pivot in this pandemic? 

I think this is definitely a great option and direction that theatre could take. Of course, I still love being in a space with a live audience. That kind of magic can never be replaced. But this new way forward opens up so many other opportunities to create stories which audience members can be part of, too.

I say to people that ask me that it feels like a virtual immersive form of theatre where you, the audience member, takes the lead as to how you want the story to flow. It's new, it's fresh, and just opens up more doors for shows and opportunities for practitioners. :))

Finally, what can audience-participants expect when they buy a ticket to "Murder at Old Changi Hospital"?

Please set the mood for watching and playing "Murder at Old Changi Hospital"! You are in for a super scary, super wild and super intriguing set of puzzles, codes and games for you to uncover. The further you get into the game, the more you'll feel the need to solve it! ;) Hehe. Have fun and good luck! Oh, and don't let her get to you!

Book your tickets for "Murder at Old Changi Hospital" here.

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