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Spotify Spotlight: Future Me + U by Dru Chen

"If I gave you forever, what would you do with that?" Well, if those words came from the smooth, soulful timbre of 30-year-old pop crooner Dru Chen, it would pretty much be anything, really.

Best known for his debut album "Mirror Work" which led him to sign with Warner and subsequently secure an international publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group China, Dru's soaring falsettos has certainly made a mark on listeners here and overseas.

Now he's back to make us swoon once more with his latest single "Future Me + You", a hypnotic slow jam of a song driven by lo-fi beats.

Sounds like: If D'Angelo, Daniel Caesar and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 had a baby. We'd daresay, a lot of babies will be made to this track going forward.

According to Dru, "Future Me + U" is a hopeful prayer from one lover to another, putting one’s faith towards a lifetime of commitment. In the vulnerable pursuit of an unknown future, the lyrics encourage us to try our best, regardless of the outcome.

Accompanied by a music video featuring a black and white aesthetic, it further accentuates the old school R&B vibes of the track. on Spotify

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