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Get ready for some retro-funk arrangements and feel-good tropical vibes from this Sri-Lankan born, Singapore-based electronic producer. PHOTO: Umami Records

Spotify Spotlight: Summer by Eve Alai

Singapore-based electronic producer-songwriter Eve Alai is out to create the perfect summer anthem. In his latest single, he achieves that with much aplomb. Think fizzy, retro-funk arrangements and feel-good tropical vibes.

"Summer" is a cross-cultural collaboration between the artist, UK-based musician Arjun Ratwatte and and Sri Lankan producer Madaid with the track itself recorded across the three countries.

Sounds like: Californian sunsets and palm spring beaches. Ok fine, more like ECP highways and coconut trees in Sentosa. But we can daydream, right?

With an earworm of a hook around Warren G’s beloved classic "Regulate" and addictive guitar melodies permeating the mix, Even Alai has managed to concoct a record that is modern yet timeless.

“I believe that silence is the canvas we musicians paint on, and that was my thought process when approaching this track,” Eve explains. He is grateful that the featured artists are able to bring their individual flavours and drop it in a melting pot which is the final product.

“It’s a fulfilling feeling now that song is out! Our comfort zones in terms of genre are worlds apart between the three of us. Finding that middle ground was the beauty of this record.” on Spotify

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