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This brand-new collab is an energetic multi-syllabic coup for undisputed Singapore rap kings Jjdroy (left) and Tengyboy.

Spotify Spotlight: Till I'm Gone by Jjdroy ft. Tengyboy

Jjdroy (Jake Joshua DeRoy) and Tengyboy are out to prove that they are the new heavyweights of the rap game. On the evidence of their latest release "Till I'm Gone", the crown of undisputed Singapore rap kings might just be there for the taking.

Fresh off his pop-punk driven EP "Forget", Jjdroy is taking a metaphoric step back into the world of hip-hop and rap, dishing out lyrics in accelerating flows with sly multi-syllabic rhyme schemes and wordplay.

If that's not enough, the one-two punch of Tengyboy's rapid-fire bars and smouldering delivery will leave you tongue-twisted and gasping for breath!

Sounds like: Singapore's very own Eminem and Logic coming together to layeth the verbal smackdown on some murderous beats.

The rap duo trade dark and aggressive Jason Voorhees-like bars to dictate their position in the game, and to make it clear that they are here for the long run, cutting anyone and anything that stands in their way. The relentless energy from both rappers makes this track a highly-addictive listen.

The addition of Tengyboy, who has his own string of experiences on stage - performing at events like Shine Festival and Legacy Festival - gives "Till I'm Gone" an added credibility and shine.

"I got a habit of being a savage, a beast in a paddock," Jjdroy muses as he fires the opening lyrical salvo.  From start to finish, the track is an ominous ride and serves as a return to form for his sadistic persona.

Good luck trying to keep up with these talented wordsmiths. on Spotify

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