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Explore a fantasy furkid world, play with white rabbits, or become a private investigator in a cyber noir Singapore Photos: (clockwise from top left) Instagram/@holypotatoesgame, @butter_royale, @gentlebrosgames, @battleskybrigade

Wa Seh! These Video Games Are All Made In Singapore

Did you know that our Little Red Dot boasts quite a number of original video-game creations? As a gamer myself, I was shook to know that there are plenty of made-in-SG titles.

We can claim "Assassin’s Creed Valhalla", a major game that Ubisoft Singapore had a hand in. But Singapore also has many indie game developers – some of them even famous worldwide liao (stand up, stand up for Singapore!)

In the month of our nation's 57th birthday, we throw the spotlight on our faves:


Andrew Teo and Adam Teo

Choose between six classes and fight monsters Diablo-style from Southeast Asian myths and folklore such as pontianaks and jiangshi. Maps are randomly generated, and there is a place based on Singapore called Seaport, which also has a Merlion! An abandoned new hospital level was just added, which reminds us of a certain other haunted hospital

The game is still in early access but it has received many positive reviews on Steam.


Chaoclypse (Brandon Yu)

Put down your controllers - all you will need for this epic ronin duel is just your mouse. As the enemies surround you, you need to draw your line of attack with your mouse, and watch them all fall in a single strike. But beware, even you are susceptiable to a one-hit kill. 

Simple gameplay, and costs less than an iced Milo at Kopitiam. Find it on Steam. 


Street Fighter x Mega Man
Seow Zong Hui

Back in December 2012, Seow Zong Hui aka “Sonic” developed his own fan-made game, replacing the bad guys from Mega Man with the characters from Street Fighter.

Instead of telling him “No cannot ah!”, creators Capcom gave their blessing – thus, "Street Fighter x Mega Man" was born. The game remains a classic and is free to play.

Zong Hui is currently part of major Japanese game developer Arc System Works working on the fighting game Guilty Gear ~Strive~.


Cat Quest II
The Gentlebros
Steam, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

We love cats and dogs, so a Legend of Zelda-ish game about our furkids on a fantasy adventure? Count us in!

What we like most about "Cat Quest II" is that you can play it with a friend or your bae (another paktor idea maybe?).

The game’s story is set in a medieval world where anthropomorphic cat and dog kingdoms are at war. Our heroes, a cat and a dog must set aside their differences and bring peace to land (sounds like a movie I’d watch at GV).


Battlesky TapTap
Battlebrew Productions
iOS, Android

Oh, we’re big fan of rabbits too, that’s why this cute 3D idle clicking game is right up our alley.

Every time you tap the screen, you earn coins which you spend on building your own town for the Smolians – the white rabbit characters (not edible like the sweet ya).

The other races in this world include the Plemplings (grouchy flightless birds) as well as the Tecks (technologically advanced goldfish).

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, you can also play "BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner".


Butter Royale
Mighty Bear Games
iOS (Apple Arcade)

Move over, "Fortnite". "Butter Royale" is a cute take on the battle royale genre where 32 players duke it out to see who will be the last one standing in this battle… I mean Butter Royale.

There are plenty of characters to choose from, like an Ah Ma, a bride, and even a dad with a baby strapped to him.

Even the "Cat Quest" hero and the Smolian from "Battlesky" make an appearance.


Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!
Daylight Studios
Steam, iOS

Unlike the potatoes you buy from FairPrice, these truly have a mishmash (geddit?) of personalities.

"Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!" gives you the chance to be the boss of the spy agency (much like our Security and Intelligence Division, but potato version) – you’ll be managing a spy HQ, training new spies, and sending them on top-secret missions.

Daylight Studios actually has not one, not two, but four games in the "Holy Potatoes!" series. Our other favourite is their first game: "Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!" where you make and sell weapons to heroes.

If these seem familiar to you, it's cuz the creators are also behind the webcomic "Life of a Potato" and the card game "Plantopia"!


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
Witching Hour Studios
Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

I remember going to the PlayStation Experience 2017 event in KL and seeing this game showcased among the greats. It won Tokyo Game Show 2016’s best indie game too.

In this tactical action RPG, you’re transported into a Renaissance Venetian world where opera masks give you magical powers (like something straight out of an anime sia).

Gameplay-wise, it's a little tricky, as you need to manage your characters tactics during combat. However, the story is spellbinding and the artwork is gorgeous.


Gloom and Doom
Neo Tegoel Games
Steam and Nintendo Switch

CB was a tough and inefficient period for many of us, but Drew Pan used the time to develop his own video game: "Gloom and Doom".

This 90’s inspired visual novel (where you make the choices that continue the story) focuses on Gloom, a wraith that wants to kill this chio bu Wynona, but Wynona thinks she’s the Doom Bringer that will end the world.

The father of two developed this game on his own, including the artwork, storyline and coding. Confirm must play! The game will also be coming to PlayStation and Xbox soon. 


Chinatown Detective Agency
General Interactive Co.

Imagine a cyber-noir Singapore in 2032 inspired by "Blade Runner" and "Black Mirror".

In this mystery adventure game, you’re Amira, a private investigator solving cases from clients good and evil, while uncovering a major plot that could threaten our Lion City.

You’ll see familiar sights like hawker centres and Marina Bay, among others. Ride on the MRT as you gather clues. You may even have to search for clues in real life as well.

The game is set to release later this year. Sibeh excited!

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