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Which Ghoul Are You, Based On Your Personality?

Happy Halloween! It's that time of the year to celebrate all things spooky.

While the phrase "I wish I was dead" shouldn't be taken literally, and given a choice, which supernatural being could you see yourself reincarnated as? Are you a vengeful spirit or are you more chill than chilling?

Well, if your personality could determine your ghostly counterpart, then this list might offer some eerie insights.


If you are a good-looking, charming heartbreaker who has a chip on your shoulder, chances are that you can identify with the Pontianak. Most us are familiar with the legend of a vampiric spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. In fact, the term itself is actually an amalgamation of the Indonesian phrase, "perempuan mati anak", which translates to the same meaning. The Pontianak desires revenge above all else and if you're someone who doesn't forgive or forget easily, you could probably relate. Highly seductive, the Pontianak will lure you in with their beautiful appearance at first before transforming into a terrifying creature that rips out and devours your organs. Talk about a revenge body, huh?



If you're the laidback type with a rather passive outlook on life, than you have a lot in common with the zombie. You only eat when you have to, and the rest of your days are spent shuffling aimlessly for the rest of your existence. Sounds familliar? A zombie is the fictional undead created through the reanimation of a corpse. Hugely popular in the horror and fantasy genre, it has permeated pop culture since time immemorial. The zombie archetype is usually characterised as slow-moving, mindless creatures that prey on human flesh. 

Hungry Ghost

Speaking of eating, nothing says foodie like a Hungry Ghost! And we're not just talking about being cranky because we haven't had breakfast. People who observe the annual Hungry Ghost Festival honour their ancestors by offering food and drink to satisfy their needs. Imagine getting free food not just for the rest of your life, but beyond.


Are you a mischievous troublemaker that causes a mess at home and have a penchant for stealing things? Then, you are very much a toyol. A toyol is an undead infant, according to Southeast Asian folklore. Known for their cunning and toddler-like appearance, they are evoked by shamans or bomohs to commit small crimes or sabotage families.

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