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Well, Guess I'll Be Spending All My Angbao Money On Year Of The Tiger Merchandise

After 12 years, it's finally here: the Year of the Tiger, i.e. my Chinese zodiac year. And as expected, this year's tiger-themed merchandise is a major threat to my savings.


First up, Starbucks, purveyor of pumpkin spiced lattes and irresistably cute seasonal drinkware. This year's collection comes with mugs, tumblers, water flasks, tiger costume-adorned plushies, and even a coin bank. 

See the full collection here

Dr. Martens

In line with its grungy aesthetic, Doc Martens leans into the tiger's ferocity rather than highlighting its cuteness. While news of this line's arrival in Singapore is forthcoming, you can expect to see it available online in the coming weeks. 

POP MART Singapore

Whether you're a toy collector or a Tiger baby, there's something for you in Popmart this season. Just try not to go too crazy when you're confronted by all the cuteness. Popular figurine characters such as Molly and (of course) Tigger are available now for pre-order on their website.


This year, LEGO debuted a Lunar New Year Traditions set (video above) as well as a Lunar New Year Ice Festival Set. The former depicts six different activities, including spring cleaning, giving angbao, and putting up decorations. There's even a room dedicated to Cai Shen Ye, the God of Fortune! We're loving those little LEGO ingots. 

Find out more here

BONUS: Gucci

Yeah, yeah, we know, atas much?? But if you'll be blessed with an especially large harvest of angbaos this year, then here's one way you can spend them. 

Find out more about Gucci's Lunar New Year capsule collection here

Well, that's it for now, unless you want to search for tiger merch on Taobao, which is a hole I dare not venture toward. In the words of the Tiger King himself: 


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