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Help! My Doggo Is Super Sick: 24-Hour Vets In Singapore

Even the most cautious pawrent can sometimes never truly be prepared for an unexpected situation. So, here’s our list of 24-hour emergency vets across the island (arranged by zones) to give your furkid a higher of survival.


Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group (Gelenggang)


Location: 2, Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578187

Contact: 6251 7666

Gelenggang? Never heard of this place? No need to google, we got you covered! This clinic is right behind Sembawang Hills Food Centre. If you happen to be there in the day and need a snack, there are mamak shops nearby within 100m of this clinic!

Services include:

  • - General consultation
  • - Vaccination (including rabies vaccination for export purposes)
  • - General health screening
  • - International export certification
  • - Microchip implantation
  • - Ophthalmic examination
  • - Digital radiography
  • - Ultrasonography
  • - Dental scaling and extraction
  • - Sterilisation
  • - Soft tissue surgery
  • - Orthopaedic surgery
  • - AVA-approved quarantine facility
  • - Hospitalisation
  • - House calls


Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital (VES)


Address: 2, Rochdale Road, Singapore 535815

Contact: 6581 7028

North-easties, this is the 24-hour emergency vet you should pay attention to because they are right in your vicinity. This vet hospital is much like a full-service human hospital, with different departments and a team of 42 dedicated staff, and is Singapore’s first specialty referral and emergency hospital. This means that walk-in, second-opinion consultations and general practise services are not offered there unless the case is considered a true emergency. This is because they believe in the important relationship between the pet owner, the primary veterinarian, and the specialist, and hope to build a strong partnership with the veterinary community in Singapore.

Services include:

  • - Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery
  • - Soft Tissue Surgery
  • - Diagnostic Imaging
  • - Internal Medicine
  • - Cardiology
  • - Ophthalmology
  • - Oncology – Cancer Management
  • - ER & Critical Care

Getting there: Buses 22, 24, 43, 58, 62, 70, 76, 80

Alight at the bus stop after Rochdale Road and walk about 2 min to reach VES. If you are alighting at bus stop Wisma AUPE, it’s an approximately 5-min walk to VES.


Posted by Companion Animal Surgery on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Companion Animal Surgery


Address: 2, Boon Teck Road, #01-04/05, Singapore 329586

Contact: 6255 7950

Day clinic: 0830-2100hrs

Night clinic: 2100-0830hrs

This clinic sees all animals, from dogs and cats to horses and exotics, and are right across the street from Balestier Market. If you’re thinking of coming to this clinic, do call first to minimise waiting time, but should you have an emergency, they encourage you to come to the clinic immediately.

Services include:

  • - Sterilisation
  • - Microchipping
  • - After-hours Critical Care and Monitoring
  • - Digital Radiography and Ultrasonography
  • - Haematology and Biochemistry Blood Tests
  • - Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery
  • - Oncological Surgery and Chemotherapy
  • - Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • - Arthrex ACP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
  • - Tick Fever, Heartworm, Rabies Serology Tests


Posted by Advanced VetCare on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Advanced VetCare


Address: 18, Jalan Pari Burong, Picardy Gardens, Singapore 488684 (shophouse along Upper Changi Road, located near Simpang Bedok) 

Contact: 6697 5322

Advanced Vet Care pride themselves in being passionate, trustworthy, experienced, and affordable. They are a complete-service clinic for all animals, treating all types of injuries, illnesses, or emergencies. Being dedicated pet owners themselves, the team sees each patient as one of their own and go the extra mile to ensure their visits are as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Advanced VetCare wants you to know that some symptoms that require emergency care are:

  • - Changes to breathing (faster breathing, breathing harder, panting excessively)
  • - Overheating
  • - Excessive coughing, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • - Collapsing or severe weakness/fatigue
  • - Vomiting blood
  • - Trauma or any condition causing excessive pain etc.

And should your furkid be experiencing any of these symptoms, do call and visit their clinic at once.


Posted by Westside Emergency on Thursday, August 27, 2020

West Side Emergency Clinic


Location: 41, Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 599013

Contact: 6463 7228

If you reside in the west, this clinic is in the Bukit Timah area. It’s along a stretch of shophouses, just in case you second guess yourself or your GPS and you drive into a residential estate instead. If you are unsure whether to bring your furkid in, here are some emergency signs, according to the clinic:

  • - Severe vomiting, diarrhoea, or loss of appetite
  • - Toxin exposure (chocolate, lilies for cats, rat bait etc.)
  • - Trouble urinating
  • - Seizures
  • - Trauma-related injuries (road traffic accidents, falling from building etc.)
  • - Bleeding
  • - Collapse
  • - Bloat


Wishing you and your furkids the best of health!

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