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Hop To It! Follow These Cute Rabbit IG Accounts Now!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Celebrate the self-sacrificing rabbit in the tale of Chang’e, the moon goddess, by checking out these adorable bunnies on Instagram.


The story starts with a Lionhead rabbit named Fluffy, together with his “wife”, Bumi (a black Netherland Dwarf bunny), and their adopted son, Romeo, a red-eyed Himalayan bunny. This trio has a pair of adopted sisters as well: Mochi, a white angora rabbit; and Luna, a white Netherland dwarf rabbit. They have recently welcomed the latest edition to the family –a rescued Syrian hamster named Timon.

Fluffy is one special rabbit, having survived an accident in 2018 – and teaches us that when it gets tough, don’t give up! Bun mum does everything she can to ensure that Fluffy lives a quality life because he is worth it. In fact, he goes for physiotherapy, play dates, staycations and eats good food. The zest he has for life is truly heart-warming.

Bun mum’s love for rabbits inspired her to do more than just keep them as pets. She is the founder of Bunny Binkies Club (BBC), a private rescue group for rabbits based in Singapore, and also the co-founder of The Moon Bunny, which consists of a pet supplies shop and The Moon Bunny School, which raises awareness of and educates you about rabbit ownership and bringing rabbit care to the next level.

Give @fluffyfluffandco a follow to join this family on their little adventures as they go through life’s challenges together!


Aww, look at how happy Peanut is zooming around the living room!

Peanut and Oreo form a duo of sweet rescue bunnies. They didn’t come as a pair and showed territorial behaviour towards each other when Oreo first arrived, but once they returned home from a bonding camp at My Happy Tales, the two of them became inseparable.

They both live #cagefree and roam the entire house, except during the night because Peanut sneaks into the rooms – he must enjoy the aircon!


Little sweet Annabun crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 7 Aug this year, but the joy she brings (both on Instagram and in real life) lives on forever.

The picture you see here depicts the story of a most interesting trio of two bunnies and a stuffed toy.

You see, Annabun had already lost two partners prior to Graciebun coming into her life. Bun mum decided not to put Annabun through that kind of heartbreak again and gave her “Sir Nekobasu”, a stuffed toy to keep her company. Who knew the two would have an actual bond, so much so that it was actually difficult for Annabun to bond with Graciebun when the latter first arrived.

Since Annabun’s passing, Sir Nekobasu has continued playing a vital role in providing Graciebun companionship.

This IG account gives you an idea of what it’s like caring for more senior pets, who need extra doses of love and acceptance – especially when recovery may be slow.

Oh, remember to also check out Camper, a hamster rescued from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Yes, SPCA has small animals too.

If you’re looking to adopt hamsters, click here.


This pretty Dwarf Hotot bunny named Snowball and her “husbun”, Ernie, make the sweetest couple! Snowball is a 3-legged beauty that can be quite the fireball, but as they say, love changes everything… and how cute is her little foot over Ernie’s? No prizes for guessing who’s the boss!

Bun mama and her family adopted Snowball from a neighbour who was ready to give her up because she had an injured leg that had to be amputated. One year on, the search for a husbun began – and Ernie came into the picture.

Ernie is a rescue bunny from the House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS). He has inspired bun mum to help more bunnies like Ernie by starting her own fundraiser project.

Disagreements happen within every relationship, so an in-house marriage counsellor named Xiao Bao, a food-motivated dwarf hamster, keeps Snowball and Ernie in check!

A special word from bun mum: By adopting, we can give an animal a second chance at the good life it deserves! #adoptdontshop


Sixteen! That’s the number of bunnies living happily together #cagefree in peace and harmony under one roof.

Meet the So-buns family: Mama Miso and Papa Soba are Dutch bunnies with 4 cheeky kids – Soda, Soya, Soyou, and Soji. Soju, a lionhead bunny, is their long-time best friend. They are also good friends with the white fluffy Soni, and lionhead Mama Sola and her 3 kids, Sofi, Sobi and Sovi. These 12 bunnies are all sterilised and live together as a bonded lot.

There are two other bun couples in the So-buns family: Sojo and Soyo, a giant French lop couple; and Somi and Somo, a white Angora-mixed couple.

Even when the going gets tough due to sickness or death (of Sowy), bun mum has been committed all the way, and still provides the best she can for all 16 of her furkids. #dontabandonyouranimals

Follow their Instagram page @misosoba to see them binkying around, doing zoomies, and snuggling together as one So-BIG happy family. It will make your day!

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