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5 Ways To Help Your Children Overcome Shyness

Shy kids are shy for a myriad of reasons. Some factors that contribute to social anxiety are a kid’s upbringing, self-confidence and capabilities. But as a parent, there’s a lot you can do to assuage your children’s fears.

Here are 5 steps to help your child overcome shyness.

1. Prevention is better than cure

It’s always important to be in tune with the feelings of your child. Avoid being the first one to dash your child’s hopes and dreams. It’s the key to helping your child believe in himself/herself as he/she develops his/her abilities. Always encourage your children to try new things, and be supportive when they attempt something even when they don’t get it 100% right. Discouraging them from doing something new might cause them to hesitate even more when they approach new situations. Plus, it’s always good to learn something new!

2. Find the root cause

There’s likely to be something behind it if your child is still shy. Being understanding and empathetic enables and encourages your child to speak up and express himself/herself to you. Once you figure out what’s been causing doubt or hesitation in your child, you can move on from this step. Remember to always monitor the emotions of your child so you are able to grasp what’s going on for them.

3. Be a role model

If you’re a social butterfly, your child will pick it up from you. Seeing his/her parents being so comfortable with people and social settings is a clear signal to your kid(s) that it’s good to have a conversation. You take the lead and your child will follow!

4. New, Fun, Interesting

These three are the keywords to your guide on what to do every alternate weekend. Take your lovely children to somewhere that they’ve never been and put them on that zipline. Injecting thrilling, fun and educational elements into your child’s life will keep him/her up on his/her feet with the thirst to discover new things. The activities that you plan for your child provides them life experience with learning points to note for themselves, and this is why it is crucial to introduce your child to new things!

5. Help your child pick up a new hobby

Helping your child find a favourite hobby is a personal space and me-time activity that they can venture into. Having a hobby also means that your child has the opportunities to develop and hone his/her skills, therefore building up their confidence. A hobby encapsulates the various categories of discipline, patience, passion, and growing skills set all at once. Exposing your child to other kids who share a similar hobby as your child can increase the likelihood of your child being more socially adept and eventually shed all of his/her shyness.

We hope that our mini guide enabled you to understand your beloved and shy child better. All the best in helping your little one overcome shyness!

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