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6 Places To Donate Your Preloved Kids’ Toys In Singapore

If you have children, then you’re more than likely to have preloved toys (in good condition) lying around the house that your kids have outgrown and haven’t touched in years. Why not donate them to a new home and bring joy to another child less privileged than your own? Not only will you be decluttering your space, but you will also be bringing a smile to another child. What condition of toys are acceptable? It should be something that you would lovingly give to a friend or to your own children.

Start off by asking around friends, family and your helper if anyone would like to take the toys, but if not, we’ve got you covered with places and missions other than just The Salvation Army.

Here’s where you can meaningfully donate second-hand toys that are in good condition:

1. Blessings In A Bag (BIAB)

BIAB is a Singapore-based non-profit with the vision that every child has a right to opportunities, loving support and space to build their dreams, regardless of background or circumstances. Through one of their programs, they create a safe and trusted community space where children (ages 6 and up) from Singapore’s most vulnerable areas can be themselves, learn new skills and grow into confident, compassionate and kind young people. ​​Please email [email protected] regarding the toys you would like to donate, along with photos and descriptions.

2. Toy Buffet

Toys spark creativity, and more importantly, they are made for play, something every child loves to do! With the Toy Buffet, Food from the Heart seeks to show underprivileged children that they too are special. One of Food from the Heart’s signature events, Toy Buffet runs on the donation of new and used toys, allowing them to pool together a vast selection of toys, which are then nicely wrapped for the taking. The Toy Buffet happens in November each year, and Food from the Heart accepts toy donations between September to October. Sounds like a perfect kind of buffet!

3. Bricksworld

Got LEGO lying around the house? Bring your preloved LEGO sets or just even individual pieces back to any Bricksworld - any loose LEGO bricks can be donated too, but remember to remove any batteries before handing them over. Clean the LEGO parts by hand at a maximum of 40°C (don’t go any hotter as higher temperatures may affect the quality of the parts). Add a mild detergent to the water, rinse with clean water, and leave to air dry at room temperature.

4. Willing Hearts Orphanage

Did you know that Willing Hearts Orphanage INC is a 100% non-stock/non-profit organisation based in the Philippines that houses orphans or abandoned children from the surrounding areas of Sta. Maria, just north of Manila. Presently, the orphanage houses more than 30 boys and girls between the ages of four and 12, and is supported by the St. Isidore Thrift Shop in Singapore (located at Block 120 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-822, Singapore 350120).

Every week, the Thrift Store sends a Thrift Box from Singapore to the Orphanage in the Philippines, containing not only toys, but also clothes and foodstuff. Also, some of the items donated to the Thrift Store are also sold to raise money for the orphanage.

5. Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home

This humble mission provides shelter, care and protection to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 21 years old who come from low income, broken, dysfunctional or abusive families in Singapore. The Home also provides a childcare service to children aged 18 months to 6 years, to provide a conducive learning environment for children to learn, play and grow. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect home for your preloved toys? Storage space is extremely limited, so please contact the Home (6713 9150 / [email protected]) to let them know if they can use what you would like to donate.

6. Boys' Town

Boys' Town stands for helping youths and children from low-income families with poor or no social support systems by providing them a number of care services in a safe, family-based environment, including fostering, street outreach, residential care, clinical intervention and alternative schooling programmes for children with learning difficulties. Arrange a drop-off appointment in advance at 6690 5425, or via email at [email protected]

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