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Necessity is the mother of all invention - here are some creative, wallet-friendly ways to tackle the home sitch. Photo: Unsplash/@naomish

Upgrade Your House With These Cheap Home Hacks

1. Amplify your iPhone volume

No fancy designer speaker dock? No problem. Just place your phone in a deep bowl. The concave shape of the bowl makes it an instant speaker!

2. Label your cables and power cords

Never can tell which cable is attached to which gadget? Save bread clips (those tiny plastic pieces with expiry dates that you find around your bread bags), label them with a permanent marker and attach them to cables and cords.

3. Keep your earrings safe

If you are always losing the back studs or one half of your favourite earrings, you could buy an expensive, space-consuming jewellery caddy. Or you could buy a few cheap buttons, then screw the earrings through their holes. Voila, the most compact (and did we say cheap) earring holders!

4. Never have tangled-up necklaces again

The solution lies in your kitchen drawer. String a necklace through a plastic straw so it never gets tangled with another one in your jewellery chest.

5. Keep ice cream soft… even in the freezer

Because when you must have it, you don’t want to wait precious minutes for the good stuff to thaw. To keep ice cream soft in the freezer, store the tub in a freezer bag (and squeeze out the extra air). We hear that a Ziploc bag works as well too.

6. Stop your bananas from ripening and rotting quickly

All you need is some aluminum foil – wrap the banana stem in it.

7. Find the end of a masking tape roll

One of the most annoying things in life looks like this: you have one hand on a sheet of fluttering-in-the-wind wrapping paper and your other hand is desperately trying to rip off a piece of masking tape… but you just can’t find the “end” of it. Sure, you can use a proper tape holder like an adult but here’s a cheaper solution: simply stick a paper clip or a hair clip on the end. It will act like a little “marker” the next time you need some tape.

8. Pick up stray hairs and dirt without a broom or vacuum cleaner

So now that you’ve figured out how to find the end of a roll of masking tape quickly, here’s what it is really good for. Attach some sticky tape (get the mega sized type) to a long pole and swipe all over a dusty floor. Faster than a broom and more energy-saving than a vacuum cleaner!

9. Scrub your sink with toothpaste

If it’s good enough for your pearly whites, it’s the perfect antidote for your bathroom sink too. And also for cleaning anything (white) from piano keys to diamonds.

10. Clean your window blinds easily

To get to the individual slates, wrap kitchen tongs in a small towel or rag, secure with rubber bands and you won’t snag your fingers on those slates ever again.


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