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These cute characters all have inspiring messages to share. For added fun, can you guess what each one is? Illustrations: (Clockwise from top left) Facebook/Singapore Tourism Board, El Masnou, Sharity, Singapore Red Cross and PUB

Do You Even Know These Singapore Mascots Exist?

You may have caught a glimpse of them at shopping malls or donation drives in community centres. And they always elicit "baby voice" squeals from kids and adults alike who just want to hug them and take photos with them. (You know there's a real person inside being paid by the hour, right? Sorry, kids.)

We're talking about mascots - Singapore mascots, to be precise.

Some of them, like Sharity or Water Wally, are more well known, but did you know a cute blood droplet and a furry otter are also out to steal our hearts with positive messages?

Read on for cuteness galore. (Plus cuteness rating out of 5 ❤︎)


What is he: Otah is an otter who fronts Singapore’s first otter-themed escapade called Otah & Friends.

What's his story: Launched on 15 Dec 2020, Otah & Friends is essentially an Instagrammable and kid-friendly activity located at Gardens By The Bay. It’s been so popular that the people behind it (El Masnou, the creators of The Bubble Tea Factory) have extended its run until 4 Apr 2021. Says Tan Weiting, managing director of El Masnou: “We were fully sold out in our first month, and our tickets continue to be well-subscribed. In our extended run, visitors can look forward to creating memories with Otah in person, an egg hunt themed to the upcoming Easter holidays, as well as new touches and surprises to the space.” Got food, got fun, got photographable furry friend – what more you want!

Cuteness rating: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎


What is it: This laojiao was first introduced in 2005 – Blood Buddy is the official blood donation mascot for the National Blood Programme run by Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority. Affectionately known as "BB", the blood droplet has traditionally been recognised as a physical mascot at malls, mobile blood donation drives and outreach activities run by SRC.

What's its story: BB recently got revamped on 25 Jan 2021 to reach and appeal to a younger generation of blood donors with a more modern and adorable image. Says Prakash Menon, Director of the Blood Donor Programme, Singapore Red Cross: “We recognise the importance of inculcating the habit of giving blood from a young age, and we hope to encourage youth to adopt blood donation as a lifestyle. This is where Blood Buddy will be a lively and relatable voice of encouragement for those getting started on their blood donation journey.” We may not know Blood Buddy’s blood type, but must be A+ lah!

Cuteness rating: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎


What is he: In 2018, The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) unveiled Merli, a heart-warming and whimsical illustration of the Republic's mythical national icon. Merli, short for Merlion, is a character that STB hopes will appeal to families with young children, one of STB's key target consumer segments. 

What's his story: Said Lim Shoo Ling, Brand Director of STB: "We came up with this endearing character, based on our beloved Merlion, to build a stronger emotional connection with families and to entrench Singapore's brand awareness among them". In addition to showcasing Singapore, Merli makes it a point to treat his friends to his favourite food – kaya toast – which he loves for its unique taste. In short, Merli is passionate AF about wanting visitors to love Singapore as much as he does; Merli really #SGBoleh!

Cute factor: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎


What is he: Since 2005, Water Wally has been the mascot of Public Utilities Board (PUB) and is friendly, helpful and kind. The water droplet's mission is to protect all water sources so that they can be clean, sparkling and free-flowing.

What's his story: An expert on everything about water, Water Wally is a mascot on a mission – to stop any abuse of our precious water resources and share the message of water conservation. Water Wally sibei ups: He has his own TV animation series “The Adventures of Water Wally”. Through the nine-episode series (which aired in 2009), PUB aimed to spread water messages to children aged 6 to 10 in an entertaining and creative manner, in the hope that people would learn to appreciate water and to care for it.

Cuteness rating: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎


What is she: For too long, the limelight has been on Water Wally. And finally, he has someone to share the spotlight with. As it turns out, Water Wally has a sister, and she’s ready to shine in 2021.

What's her story: This adorable pink globule of water was brought to life by PUB. She even comes with a bouncy ponytail, and her very own Instagram filter game. Super kawaii! Director of PUB's 3P Network Cindy Keng said that both mascots would "influence positive behaviour in the younger generation and help them be more aware of how climate change is affecting our water sustainability". PUB also announced that it will launch the Water Wally and Sally Club, a water-themed club that educates children aged 12 and below on climate change and water-related topics. PUB so many mascots, a bit spoil market leh!

Cutenes rating: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎


What is he: This is the lao jiao of all lao jiaos. An iconic symbol of care and compassion, the pink cuddly elephant Sharity was introduced in 1984 to encourage Singaporeans in their school years to donate.

What's his story: Sharity’s name is a portmanteau of the words “share” and “charity”. Aiya tl;dr Sharity loves to share and care! A true blue Singaporean, Sharity’s favourite food is peanut ice kachang - does anyone really know that?! Sharity stopped being as active in outreach in 2008, but since 2015, with support from the Ministry of Education, he re-appeared. In 2017, the official Sharity website was launched to mark Sharity’s transition to an online platform. The online debut aimed to make Sharity and his message more relevant and accessible to both students and teachers. The website provides teaching material for classroom activities as well as games and contests for students. Eight animated episodes of "Sharity and Friends" are also accessible on the site.

Cuteness rating: ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

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