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PHOTOS: TIKTOK/@andreanotykii, @speishi_, @faith.0ng

These Good-Looking Dads On SG TikTok Have Made Simps Out Of All Of Us

Sometimes it's hard to imagine our parents as anything other than 'uncle' or 'aunty'. 

But once upon a time, they were young too. And now, thanks to their children's TikToks, these dads are going viral for their old photos. 

These TikToks mostly follow the same format: clips of dads doing 'uncle' or everyday things, followed by a montage of photos from their heyday. 

With all due respect....WE ARE IN LOVE. 


When you want to hop on the trend but dad hates being on social media

♬ Seaside_demo by SEB - SEB

This dad, who gives us major TVB vibes, was a huge hit, as this TikTok has amassed almost 7,000 adoring comments. 


Tbh still ham now \ud83d\udc4c\ud83c\udffb #dad

♬ Seaside_demo by SEB - SEB

This dad said he was a pretty boy back in the day, and well, he's not wrong. 



♬ Seaside_demo by SEB - SEB

We're still not convinced that the photos in this mega-viral TikTok aren't of Nam Joo Hyuk

Responses to these TikToks have ranged from "Why did everyone look like an 80s Hong Kong star", to "he definitely broke hearts", to "this is why I don't want to grow old". 

But what can we say - getting older is just a natural part of life, and these dads have aged gracefully from 'oppa' to 'hunkle'. 

At any rate, Father's Day is coming up, so we can only hope to see more TikToks like these over the weekend 

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