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The little ones need our help too, not just cats and dogs. Photos: (Clockwise from left) Instagram/@houserabbitsocietysingapore, @guineapigrescuesg, and

Want To Help Furkids? Start Your Volunteer Journey Small With Rabbits And Hamsters

Are you someone who has always wanted to volunteer to care for animals but:

• never had the time
• never actually figured out how
• are afraid of dogs (and cats)
• are just not sure what to expect
• have no one to jio

Fret not! We’re here to help simplify things for you by helping you start small – literally.

Besides dogs and cats, there are many other critters that need your help too, including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Start small lah! Here are some ways you can start your journey as a volunteer.


The House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) is an all-volunteer group dedicated to rabbit welfare, adoption and education. They rescue and rehome abandoned rabbits. They are an animal welfare group that doesn’t run a shelter but rely on foster parent network to support their rehoming and rescue efforts.

HRSS is looking for:

• Transport volunteers who can regularly pick up rescued rabbits, sending them to and fro the vet clinic and fetching them to their new homes. So if you have a valid driver’s license and you don’t mind spending your time in the car with these little furry creatures, email your interest to [email protected].
• Experienced fosterers who can help look after the rabbits and give them a good temporary (or forever) home. If you have experience looking after rabbits and you would love to open your home to more rabbits or special needs rabbits, the HRSS wants you, too! Email your interest to [email protected].

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Posted by Bunny Binkies Club on Sunday, 22 November 2020

Another local rabbit organisation is the Bunny Binkies Club (BBC). They are a rescue group run by a (very) small team of volunteers who decided to come together to help neglected/or abandoned rabbits in need. Their rescue rabbits are placed in foster homes offered by volunteers, nursed back to health, sterilised and then rehomed.

BBC is looking for:

• Fosterers who will help make a difference in the lives of rabbits by giving them a second chance at life. Apply by filling up a Rescue Fostering Form here.


Guinea Pig Rescue Singapore (GPRS) is a non-profit organisation for guinea pigs in Singapore. They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome guinea pigs. Their mission at GPRS is to give every guinea pig a second chance in life because they believe that every life matters. GPRS not only rescues, but they help advocate adoption and education about guinea pig welfare.

GPRS is looking for:

• Fosterers who have experience caring for a guinea pig, and the space (at least 105cm x 70cm x 35cm) to accommodate these little piggies. You will need to fix up an area for the guinea pigs just like the one you see here:

Fosterers will also be required to bring the foster piggies for their vet check-ups and, if you can commit to at least 3 months of fostering, that would be most appreciated.

If this volunteer opportunity resonates with you, feel free to connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or through their website.


The Hamster Society of Singapore (HSS) is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s hamsters. Every year, hundreds of hamsters are exploited through backyard breeding, or simply discarded (alive!) in rubbish dumps. Therefore, the HSS exists to be the voice for these tiny lives, advocating for humane hamster husbandry and pet responsibility.

The HSS is looking for:

• Fosterers who are advocates for humane hamster husbandry. Some basic requirements that the hamsters would need from you:
• A minimum cage size of 70cm x 40cm (dwarves), 80cm x 50cm (syrians)
• Using unscented bedding and sand
• Proper wheel size
• An adequate diet

If interested, fill up the HSS Fosterer Application Form here, or sign up here to be a volunteer with HSS and help this new organisation build an unshakeable foundation.

Volunteering doesn’t always mean having to go out of your home; you can do so by volunteering your time by fostering and doing acts of service. Any help is still help. The world is much bigger than ourselves. Let’s make this world a better place for all kinds

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