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One-of-a-kind furkids deserve one-of-a-kind goodies. Photos: (Clockwise from left) Instagram/@c.ottondeshef, and

Support Local: Places To Get Homemade Treats For Furkids

Our furkids deserve nothing less, so here are three local businesses that make healthy, guilt-free and yummy homemade treatos for our furkiddos:
For small animals, cats and dogs

A new entrant into the market, Taffy’s is already making waves in the hamster community. The business was founded in January 2021 because of a very picky hamster and the sparse selection of boredom breakers in the market.

That was how ham mama’s obsession for a product that is both healthy and appealing led to the creation of the business’s bestselling item, swiss rolls. Other bestsellers include Apple Pumpkin Taiyaki and Tamago Cookies (popular with dogs) and Alfalfa Mint Taiyaki (popular with guinea pigs).

The secret behind the beautifully designed and detailed fruit danishes and crepes: simple trial and error!

Taffy's offers a range of wholesome yummies that is not only free of nasties, but also beneficial for hamsters' health:

  • Acerola cherries: Immunity booster, improves intestinal health, lipid metabolism, rich source of Vitamin C.
  • Sea buckthorn: High in amino acids, essential fatty acids, and anthocyanins, enhances heart and liver health, protects against diabetes.
  • Bee pollen: Rich source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and macronutrients, scientifically proven to protect against neuroinflammation in hamsters.
  • Raspberries: Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects, clinically shown to reduce risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer in hamsters.

Ingredients: 100% human-grade ingredients, over which 90% are organic. “We use brands such as Biofinest, Natureland, Dr Gram, to name a few,” says the founder.

Price range: $1 to $3.50 for treats

Customisation: Crepes! Entirely customisable (at an extra cost), just drop a DM on Instagram. Pumpkin-turmeric, strawberry and dragonfruit filling, topped with yummies such as strawberry yoghurt “ice cream”, fruit, flowers and herbs… the options are endless.

New releases in March:

  • Tuna Snaps for cats, dogs and hammies
  • Apple Pecan Swiss Rolls for hammies
  • Murasaki Imo Taiyaki (purple sweet potato) for hammies and dogs
For small animals + dogs

The birth of Petdelights started when owner, Jasmine, had friends who were always asking for her help, and when she had extras, she thought: “Why not turn it into a business!”

Juggling having a full-time job as well as being a full-time furmama to 5 loving furkids (a dog, two rabbits and two chinchillas that live in peace and harmony), Jasmine finds absolute joy in creating beautiful and delicate one-of-a-kind pieces – veritable works of art that include hay treats, small animal chew toys, pet accessories for cats and dogs, and dog treats. Just check out the website.

Ingredients/Materials: All materials are sourced from Australia, UK and the US. No plastic or glue is used on the chew toys, and only safe food-grade colouring is used.

For dogs

Owner of C.ottondeshef’s inspiration was none other than her very own furkid, Cotton. When Cotton turned 1 a few years back, that was when she first started baking dog cakes, even without any prior knowledge of baking. Failure and YouTube taught her everything she needed to know!

“Cotton was kind of allergic to products containing grain, and since many store-bought dog cakes contained grains/gluten-based, I wanted to make cakes that were healthier, hence all the cakes I bake are fully meat-based. Seeing that Cotton really enjoyed the cake I baked, I started promoting this small interest of mine to some of my closer friends," says Cotton’s pawrent.

"As time went by, many of them shared feedback that their dogs and pet owners were very satisfied with the cakes. This encouraged me to open a platform to sell my cakes.”

What’s available via an order form: Full-meat dog cakes and pupcakes, seasonal cakes and goodies (for Mooncake Festival and Halloween, for example), and milk kefir (which you can order here).

Milk what? Milk kefir is fermented low-fat lactose-free milk that is considered a probiotic resource for improving the digestive and gut systems, and is a rich source of protein, calcium and Vitamin B.

“Cotton used to have weak stomach but after being fed milk kefir for a month, her stomach really strengthened,” says Cotton’s pawrent.

Ingredients: Natural ingredients, for example, the colouring of the frosting is made from blue pea flower powder.

Price range:

  • $3 to $5.50 for milk kefirs
  • $18 to $60 for cakes and pupcakes
  • $40 to $60 for customised cakes (excluding delivery fee)

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