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How Not To Kill Bae During The Circuit Breaker

Isn’t it nice having all this uninterrupted time together? You probably thought it was going be the time of your life, officially being holed up indoors with your partner. But now that the initial cosy ‘honeymoon’ phase is over, and with still another 6 weeks at least to go, how do you stop your other half from getting on your nerves?

Don’t worry, we think these tips might help save your relationship…and bae:


1.  Remind yourself this is temporary 

All too soon hopefully we’ll go back to our normal rat race lives, back to real work  and seeing each other for only a couple of hours every day. While the circuit breaker might be putting a strain on your relationship, practice the pause and focus on the present, thinking of all the positive things you love about your partner. 


2. Give each other space and stick to separate routines

Just because you’re stuck indoors together, doesn’t mean you should spend every single minute together. Create a daily separate routine for each of you, and respect each other's time and space, especially if one or both of you are working from home. If you live in a studio with no real walls, create zones for each other and respect your separate corners. And when you finally spend time together during meal times or ‘after work’, you’ll look forward to it more instead of feeling stifled.


3. Prioritise ‘me’ time

Heard of the saying, ‘you can’t fill someone else’s cup when you’re running on empty yourself?’ Looks like it might have been created just for the circuit breaker. If you aren’t making time to recharge your battery alone, then you won’t have as much patience and tolerance for bae as you’ll probably need. Exercise, sleep, eat healthy, and do what makes you happy. Simple as that.


4. Be honest about your feelings

If something about bae is getting on your nerves, you are probably better off being honest about it rather than shoving it under the carpet and avoiding an unpleasant conversation. Think of it as an opportunity to know your partner better and grow together, so be willing to open up and talk. Hopefully you’ll never have to spend so much time together again anyway, so make the most of it. If your relationship can last the circuit breaker, they're definitely the right choice for you.


5. Be kind

With the circuit breaker extension in place now, you and bae are probably feeling a roller coaster of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and boredom. Instead of yelling or getting annoyed, empathise and take a step back. No one is perfect and everyone processes stress in different ways. We’re all in this together, flying blind, so remind yourself that your partner is doing their best in this unusual situation, just as you are. Be kind and let bae live another day.

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