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Instead of screaming your head off at the kids, why not do some indoor skydiving and have everyone screaming together in joyful abandon? Photo: iFly Singapore

Catch These Special Family Flights Before They Fly Away

"Strong families are the bedrock of our society," said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his speech at the launch of National Family Week on 4 Jun 2022 at Suntec Convention Hall 403 and 404.

"We go through thick and thin with family members. They are our strength and support. We turn to them in times of need."

On top of National Family Week, did you know 2022 has been designated as the Year of Celebrating Singapore Families? It's a campaign led by the Families for Life Council, with support from the Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships.

And what better way to celebrate family and life itself than by turning your frantic parental screaming into uninhibited screams of joy - by indulging in some adrenaline-pumping indoor skydiving together?

Photo: iFly Singapore

Until 30 Jun 2022, you can purchase a Funtastic 4 Weekday Package from iFly Singapore. For $300 (U.P. $396), the bundle for four allows each flyer two electrifying skydives.

Take note: as the name of the deal indicates, you can only fly on a weekday - as long as it's any weekday before 15 Jul 2022.

Other caveats:

  • The Funtastic 4 Weekday Package is available for online purchase only.
  • Flyers must be Singapore Residents.
  • All flights must be in the same session.
  • Flights must be utilised by four different flyers.

Get the Funtastic 4 Weekday Package here and watch your family's level of happiness soar.

A very special flight for a couple of very amazing flyers

Aleesha Syed Faizal, who is in remission from glioma, enjoys her moment in the iFly Singapore wind tunnel.Photo: iFly Singapore

Throughout 2022, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, iFly Singapore will be inviting 1,000 beneficiaries across 10 charity organisations to have a go at the massive wind tunnel.

Two lucky and very gleeful little ones did just that on 17 June. Aleesha Syed Faizal and Violette Chong, both cancer survivors and beneficiaries of LOVE, NILS, took turns to have the time of their lives under the watchful eye and guidance of iFly Singapore's instructors.

At the age of five, Aleesha (who is now 7) was diagnosed with low-grade glioma of her left eye, which has caused severe visual impairment and left her with minimal light perception.

Violette Chong is also a cancer survivor, and, like Aleesha, a beneficiary of LOVE, NILS, which provides support to children with cancer and their caregivers.Photo: iFly Singapore

For Violette Chong, aged 9, the long-term side effects of cancer treatment require her to undergo multiple surgeries to correct bone deformity.

“LOVE, NILS values community partners and is excited for children with cancer and their siblings to have an engaging and exciting experience with iFly Singapore. We hope to raise awareness for childhood cancer and community support," said Lesli Berggren, the founder and executive director of the charity that aims to provides emotional, social, and community support to cancer patients and their caregivers.

"Events like this provide opportunities for families to have a day off cancer, bring smiles and joy, and allow a momentary break from treatment.”

Lesli Berggren (centre), founder and executive director of LOVE, NILS, shares a special moment with two of the charity's beneficiaries, Violette Chong (left) and Aleesha Syed Faizal (right).Photo: iFly Singapore

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