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Mother's Day: Themed Cafes To Celebrate You (Oh, Alright, And The Kids Too)

Singapore’s F&B scene doesn’t seem to be teeming with themed cafes and restaurants these days.

In fact, the last few we visited before COVID-19 – like Gudetama Café, Charlie Brown Café, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café and DC Super Heroes Café – have all closed down.

Which means, you’d better read this article quickly and book a seat at one of these cafes even more quickly if you (and your family) want to wolf down hamburgers with soggy cartoon-face paper toppers or sip on fruit juices masquerading as magic potions.

Yeah, we know it’s Mother’s Day (or even Father’s Day), but not all of us have somewhere to park the kids at while we dine in refined peace at Odette or Iggy’s, so if the little ones are coming along for lunch or dinner, they want to go somewhere fun and kawaii. True story.


Answer the call of cuteness

Not only Wang Lei, Robert Downey Jr and Bennifer can make a comeback. My Little Pony can, too ­– though these magical, rainbow-hue cartoon horses now look a little more zhng-ed than before. Anyway, they are now the current stars at Kumoya Orchard, a cartoon character café with changing themes every season. Finally, a cartoon – and sugar-laden items like Rainbow Dash Vanilla Frappe and Twilight Sparkle Watermelon Soda – that both you and your spawn can appreciate together. Don’t say we never say: the My Little Pony theme is for a limited time only.

Anime, anyone?

One of the newest theme cafes to set up shop in town is Aniplus Café, a collaboration cafe which is a mothership for fans of Japanese anime, comics and games. Right now, it’s doing an Attack on Titan gig so expect a menu including “Welcome to Paradis Island” (means omu curry rice) and Titan Grub (an all-day toast-with-eggs platter). If you are lucky – and into that sort of thing – you might even spot a famous cosplayer or two.

If you believe in magic spells and weird-sounding drinks…

No time (or money) to make it to one of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks overseas? No problem: there’s Platform 1094 in Singapore to get you all spellbound. The café serves up dishes with magical names like Bewitching Tuna Sandwich and Giant’s Breakfast. They don’t have butterbeer lah but Truth Venom, Mrs Lich’s Butterscotch Ale and the sus-sounding Felix’s Euphoric Liquid (it’s just PG(12) pineapple, apple and orange juice, heng) – or even good old’ Sapporo – may make you fly. We hear that they also have props like magic wands and witch hats, as well as a fireplace, for you or your savvy 11-year-old to create some TikTok magic with.

Alice in… Wisma Atria?

Your kids may not know what a CD is anymore but you should be old enough to remember That CD Shop which pivoted way before “pivot” became a hip term in Singapore. The folks behind That CD Shop now run a chain of restaurants, including Wonderland Savour at Wisma Atria. The name should give you a hint of how it’s inspired by all things Alice so you will find lots of whimsical paintings and photos of the White Rabbit, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, and the Queen of Hearts (albeit the Helena Bonham Carter version). The menu here is kid-friendly because you can’t go wrong with fries, garlic bread and sausages, while Mum and Dad can relive a little of their once-upon-a-time-ago-chi-chi date night lives with foie gras and duck confit.

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