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Doing a few extra chores around the house will go a long way when your other half is pregnant PHOTO: UNSPLASH/JOHN LOOY

Lads, Here’s How You Can Pamper Your Exhausted, Pregnant Wives

Carrying a child inside the womb is both a joy and a struggle, filled with days that are both physically and emotionally exhausting.

As an expectant dad, you might be wondering how best to supply some tender loving care to your wife as she goes through her pregnancy. Here are some ways to make her feel special throughout this nine-month journey:

1. Offer a helping hand

Show your wife that she can rely on somebody other than herself. Help out inside the house. It can be simple tasks such as doing the laundry or keeping the bathroom clean. Go the extra mile by offering help with carpooling the kids, preparing dinner, or cleaning her car.

There are many ways you can lend a hand, and your wife will appreciate even the smallest acts of service you offer. Because right now, all she wants (aside from her midnight cravings) is a good rest to keep her healthy and sane.

2. Spice it up...get romantic!

Men, this is the perfect time to step up your game. Treat your pregnant wife to a romantic date. It doesn't have to be extravagant; it can be as simple as a movie night at home or a dinner for two with relaxing, scented candles around and her favourite music on the background. Set the mood and make her feel appreciated and beautiful. The mother of your child truly deserves it!

3. Plan a vacation - go for a babymoon!

Whether it's your first child you're expecting or the fourth, you can always plan for a couple of getaways! Babymooning is the newest trend if you like to give both you and your wife an undisrupted timeout or a pre-baby vacation. Ideally, a doctor's approval is needed to make sure it is safe for your wife to cover a distance. Some hotels and resorts offer babymoon packages which include a specialised spa and a “cravings” menu for pregnant women. You may also opt to bring home souvenirs to symbolise the coming of a newborn baby to your home!

4. Keep your wife cool with a prenatal massage

A husband's touch is always the best, but it doesn't hurt to go to a specialised spa salon for prenatal and maternity massages. These services - which often include a belly mask and foot therapy - can ease your wife's tense muscles and sore spots, and relax her senses. Do a bit of research together, and you'll find the perfect combination of services for your wife, no matter what trimester she's currently in.

5. Listen and connect

Anxiety can build up especially for first-time mothers. Knowing that you are there by her side - with your full attention, is a big relief. Listen and connect to your wife often to understand how she feels. You may not comprehend her situation entirely, but your listening ears and assurance could be a source of strength and inspiration to keep her going until the big day. Exert effort to make her feel loved, beautiful and special. For someone who loves his partner dearly, this must be the easiest and the surest way to make a pregnant wife happy.

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