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Online Pet Stores: 5 Reasons Why They Are Better

Apart from it being a great way to stay at home during this COVID-19 pandemic, shopping on online pet stores just makes sense. Here’s why.


1. Better prices

Here’s a little price comparison to illustrate this point:

Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream with Salmon Dry Canine Food is…

• $32.80 on Beary Pet
• $32.90 on Perromart
• $34.70 Pet Lovers Centre

Nurture Pro Toufu Cat Litter is…

• $12.80 on Beary Pet
• $13.00 on Perromart
• $16.90 at Pet Lovers Centre

The price difference varies depending on the item, but I think it is safe to say that, generally, buying from shops that are exclusively online, will offer pawrents better prices.


2. More variety

The chance to shop online means that the choices are endless. If the item you’re looking for is not on this website, then it’s probably on another. And things that you cannot find in physical stores or are out of stock can probably be found online.

Some items include:

Oxbow Critical Care, a premium recovery food that can be given to herbivores that are unwilling to stick to their normal diet due to illness or surgery. This specially-formulated product contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet as well as high-fibre timothy hay to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion. This item is available on Beary Pet at $59.30.

Herbs from The Hay Experts are exclusively available on Beary Pet. Herbs are great natural snacks and have health benefits for small animals. On Beary Pet, you will be able to find what each herb is useful for in the description section.


3. You support small businesses

Smaller businesses tend to be more ethical, provide quality and reliable service, and have a better and more personal relationship with their customers.

I’ve been a customer with Beary Pet for about 4 years now and the owner of the store personally texts me and updates me about my orders. But even before I place an order, or if I have questions about the products sold, she answers my queries quickly and clearly. I 100% trust that her answers are not profit-driven and truly come from a place of genuine care and concern for animals.

Another thing I love about online pet stores is that they do not believe in selling live animals. Most of them are big advocates for #adoptdontshop and you are able to make donations through them to various shelters in Singapore. For example, Beary Pet’s website helps with donations to the House Rabbit Society of Singapore, Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS), Voices For Animals (VFA) and BunnyWonderland.

Other online pet stores that are channels for donations are Kohepets (they have a section called Kohepets Cares and PolyPet (there’s a tab on their landing page called “Donate To”).


4. Better quantity of stocks available

Retail space is expensive, and stores will have to allocate space for all their merchandise. That also means that items will be limited because they just don’t have the space to carry large quantities of each item. This leads to products being out-of-stock without you knowing unless you make a call beforehand.

Online pet stores don’t have a storefront. They pack straight from their warehouse and that’s all the space they need, allowing them to carry larger quantities and having fewer instances of out-of-stock situations. That’s already a “pro” for me!


5. The whole shopping experience is way better

Think about it: 24/7 accessibility, no need to carry all the heavy food by hand on public transport or fight for parking space in shopping malls, free delivery over a certain amount. What’s not to love?

Shopping online for pet supplies is also less stressful because it gives you the freedom and time to do proper research on a brand and its ingredients instead of feeling pressured into purchasing that specific product which the sales staff has recommended.


Wherever you choose to spend your money at, always remember that the profits go back into their businesses. So, if you choose to support large retail chains, you should know that your money might be contributing to their business of selling live animals that were unethically bred.

However, if you choose to support small businesses that believe in animal rescue and adoption, then you can rest assured that your shopping is saving lives. How awesome is that!

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