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This limited-edition EZ-Link card features "Unlonely", an artwork by 72-year-old Mdm Ruhainah. Unsplash/@marcelocidrack | Image of EZ-Link cards: EZ-Link

Support Seniors And Fight Loneliness With This Limited-Edition EZ-Link Card

Don't step humble lah, you're the kind to flex your limited-edition goods to friends when you see them right? Then why not do so with this limited-edition EZ-Link card, and be a part of something meaningful as well?

This collectible is a collab between EZ-Link and Lions Befrienders, a social service agency that cares for seniors. And the awesome artwork on the card is by 72-year-old Mdm Ruhainah - a Lions Befrienders beneficiary - who hopes for an inclusive society living in harmony, regardless of age.

Read on for deets on how to cop this cool card.

The "Unlonely" movement

The card's artwork is tied to the "Unlonely" Movement led by Lions Befrienders which will officially launch in November this year. It encourages us to remain connected with the rest of society, regardless of age, whether through physical means like meal jios, phone calls or gifts.

The goal: to combat the detrimental effects of loneliness to one's mental health. ICYDK, loneliness leads to other more severe issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep issues, stress, and even a shortened lifespan.

By emphasising the importance of mental and emotional health, Lions Befrienders hope that more attention will be paid towards caring for a person’s mental wellbeing, normalising conversations related to the topic.

If you wish to make a donation, you can head over to the Lions Befrienders’ page ❤️ 

Mdm Ruhainah's artwork is a reminder for all of us to care for the elderly in our families, making sure they do not remain in isolation or feel lonely, especially with all the past lockdowns.Image of cards: EZ-Link

Artist behind the art

The talented individual behind the featured artwork is Mdm Ruhainah, who joined the Lions Befrienders Active Ageing Centre @ Ghim Moh in February 2012 to occupy her spare time. She's an active participant in the programmes offered - making new friends and getting to know her neighbours.

She's even participated in virtual befriending (because of Covid-19) to continue staying connected with the rest of society. She credits the activities by Lions Befrienders for keeping her in good shape: "Taking part in these activities helps me stay active. It also helps to strengthen my memory and learning capacity, and improves both my mental and physical health."

Where can I get this EZ-Link card?

The card retails at $10 (with $5 load value) and is available at the following SBS Transit Passenger Service Centres:

  • Punggol
  • Boon Keng
  • Farrer Park
  • Serangoon
  • Sengkang
  • Kovan
  • Beauty World 

But if you lazy to travel, then the card will be made available on the EZ-Link Official Store on Shopee at $5 each (without load value) from 25 July 2022. BTW, this one comes with an exclusive card sleeve packaging!

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