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International Cat Day: Take A Meow-ment To Check Out These #sgcats On IG

Happy International Cat Day (ICD), to all purr-rents out there!

To celebrate your bond with your feline friend as well as this special day (reported to have been created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare), we’ve identified five purr-fect SG cat Instagram accounts that you ought to be following – whether you’re a pawrent or just someone who appreciates these little creatures for their very intriguing personalities.

They may not be cat superstars like the famous @waffles_the_cat with 921k followers, or even @nala_cat with a whopping 4.3 million followers, but, hey, support local lah!


This is an account of a loving ginger pair who were adopted together from @keepcatssg, a private rescue group that rescues, fosters, and helps cats get adopted into fur-ever homes. Follow this pair to see how Biscotti and Tyri explore and enjoy their newfound lives indoors.

Biscotti is the curious brother and Tyri plays the supportive sister that will tag along on his adventures. She is also known to be the “bowl cleaner” while handsome Biscotti uses his looks to charm his pawrents daily.

ICD wish: The family of  four (two cats, two hoomans) would like to wish all kitties a Happy International Cat Day, and hope that all the kitties will get more special treats from their pawrents! (Oh, and, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is coming up on 1 Sep *wink, wink* Don’t forget to wish them well on their Instagram page!)

Best meow-mory to date: The cats’ Meowmie will never forget the look of confusion and jealousy on Biscotti’s face when he got a whiff of a treat on Tyri’s breath, and wondered where his was.


Simba is “secretly” an affectionate cat and does not live up to his Instagram handle, “the monster cat” (so-called because of his size, not attitude). This brave boy followed his Meowie on an 8-hour long flight from Australia all the way to Singapore to continue having more fun adventures together.

ICD wish: The dashing Simba and his beautiful meowmie wish all a Happy International Cat Day. They hope that all the kitties will be showered with lots of love not just on this special day, but every single day!

Special message from Meowmie: “To all (potential) pawrents out there, there are so many cats who are in search for their fur-ever homes. Give them a chance and they’ll show you how special their love is! I know, because I’ve experienced it first hand :’) #adoptdontshop”

Best meow-mory to date: The moment Simba let out a loud meow when he finally got to see his Meowmie again after the flight. “It’s as though he was saying, ‘Where have you been???’ and he grabbed onto me super tightly.” Friends, this is exactly why you should never leave your furkids behind!


A lovely account that shares beautiful moments of three adopted siblings (two cats and one dog) doing life together: Midnight is a drama queen, Miko is the copycat sidekick of Midnight, and Merlin is the big protective da jie but has FOMO. I personally feel a sense of warmth looking at their pictures, so I hope that by following this account, you will too!

ICD wish: Midnight would like to wish all her other kitty-friends a Happy International Cat Day and she wishes that all their pawrents will spoil them with treats “all day err day”!

Best meow-mory to date: Furmama to thethreemsisters says that she loves seeing all three of them in the same space because it feels “peaceful and complete”. (Aww, isn’t that sweet!)


If you’ve got big love for our neighbourhood kitties, then this is the account to follow! This account is a collective of the community cats living in Pasir Ris. The creator of this account amazes me with her love for cats. She’s got a few cat accounts managed by her and they are all worth the follow, too!


Your love for cats doesn’t have to just stop there. Love Kuching Project SG is a community-based cat rescue group in Singapore that stands for loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods. By following @luvkuching, not only will you be able to see posts of cute cats, but you can also get involved in helping these cats.

Helping doesn’t just mean volunteering with them, you could also:

- Make a kind donation which will go towards cats’ medical fees, outreach, rescue assistance etc
- Donate pet supplies through Polypet
- Join their play/clean sessions in their foster space

Click on the link in bio on their Instagram for more info.


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