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Oh My Dog! Follow These Cute Singapore Specials On Instagram Now

“Fierce” and “aggressive” are common words used by people to describe our Singapore Specials, and we’re on a mission to change that. These five sweethearts – and their pawrents – will prove naysayers wrong by showing you that the only way to use those two words to describe Singapore Specials is that they are “fiercely loyal” and “love aggressively”. Here’s the proof:

Stella, @stellalieder

Personality: “People think I look fierce, but I’m as gentle as a butterfly.” Stella is super affectionate and isn’t afraid to let you know when she wants more sayangs by booping your hand with her little nose. She is the way she is because of the wonderful job that her pawrents have done raising her – with lots of patience, unconditional love, and no harsh punishments. If you’re looking for a pet companion that is “extremely intelligent” and “the most loyal friend you’ve ever had”, according to Stella’s furmama, give Singapore Specials a chance.

Quirky habit: Howls in excitement every time her pawrents come home.

Furmama’s best memory to date: The first time Stella ran to them for pets and cuddles when there was thunder, instead of curling up into a ball in the corner on her own trying to protect herself. Furmama knew that that was the day that Stella had finally accepted them as her own “pack” and trusted them for comfort and care. “Seeing her feel safe with us is an incredible feeling!”

Backstory: Stella was adopted from Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) – maybe that’s where you’ll find your match, too!

Nikki, @nikki.puppi

Personality: Nikki has a chilli padi attitude and that’s what they love about her! And her shiny black coat! “In a strange way, it feels like Nikki has adopted them instead,” says Nikki’s furmama, who adds that when choosing a dog, “personality is way more important than coat colour”.

Quirky habit: Nikki loves a game of hide-and-seek on rainy days or can be found snuggled up with all the soft fluffy pillows on the couch – super nuah!

Unique feature: The brown tufts of fur on the side of her face that look like sideburns or a mane. Furmama to Nikki says that she often gets questions about what special breed of dog Nikki is and furmama is proud to proclaim, “a Singapore Special!”

Intelligence level: Very high. Nikki knows how to differentiate a “poop-walk” from a “fun Saturday beach day-walk”. She will fake-sleep on the sofa for poop-walks but will excitedly wake her pawrents up on Saturday mornings for her fun-walks!

Khajoor, @supermodelmongrel

Interesting fact: Would probably hold a world record for… having too many scarves! This supermodel needs to look good wherever she goes - currently has 40 scarves, 10 collars, 2 bow ties and 1 harness.

Pawrents’ fondest memory to date: It was love at first sight for both pawrents at Khajoor’s fosterer’s home. Khajoor was so excited, jumping and tugging her leash, that her pawrents’ hearts melted on the spot – that was their love story.

Quirky habit: “Every time Khajoor hears the word ‘walkies’, she’ll sneeze, and it is the most a-dork-able thing ever,” say her pawrents. Witness it for yourself – give @supermodelmongrel a follow!

Advice for potential adopters of a Singapore Special: Singapore Specials usually take a while to trust new people, but with time, lots of patience and a loving heart, they will overcome their fears and shower you with as many sloppy kisses as any other dog would. Look beyond their looks.

In fact, Singapore Specials will give you the qualities of German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers or even Labradors. A stable environment, healthy diet and engaging playtime will transform them into confident and loyal friends.

Josie, @josietherescued

Personality: A typical introvert, shy and quiet to most, but once you enter her inner circle, she plays with you like crazy, shares her stuff with you, and is protective of you. She has an “aunty” side, too, and gets paranoid and cautious, preferring not to move forward, but will do so for free treats at pet events. So kaypoh!

Favourite activity: Dress up! Josie willingly leans forward for her furmama to put on new outfits.

Intelligence level: Very high. Josie can remember where her best friends live, leading them by the leash to their houses and waiting at their lifts. She also watches television and nudges to get what she wants. So if you think that Singapore Specials aren’t smart beings, think again hor: Josie has the looks and the brains.

Gigi, @_missygigi_

Personality: Described by her pawrents as a 5-year-old baby who is protective of them and wants to be close to them all the time. However, Gigi is also a bit of an “Ah Lian” as she barks at people who stare at her. Nevertheless, she is a total sweetheart who comforts her furmama when mama’s having a bad day.

CCA: Model. Gigi models for @nothernhounds and these are her two favourite collars: Laurie (the rainbow one) and Blue Dusk. Give Gigi a follow to show her some love and appreciation for all her hard work!

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