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5 Tasty Tidbits That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Remember the good old days, when you’d save up your pocket money to buy treats at a provision shop? Here are 5 tidbits that take us right back to our childhoods.

1. Pola Snack

These savoury animal–shaped crackers are perfect for a slight case of the munchies, thanks to their crisp exterior and hollow interior.

2. White Rabbit Candy

This classic sweet has recently enjoyed a revival in popularity thanks to the trend of White Rabbit-flavoured desserts, but none of them quite capture the thrill of unwrapping the original from its edible “plastic” wrapper (actually made of rice paper, but it was always more fun to pretend).

3. Iced Gem Biscuits

This colourful snack is perfect if you need a sugar rush. Admit it: You still bite the icing off first before eating the now–plain biscuit.

4. Eyeglass Chocolate Candy

Otherwise known as a cheap alternative to Smarties and M&Ms. Naturally, half the fun comes from playing with the eyeglass–shaped packets and pretending to be a superhero. Same goes with the bangle–shaped alternatives, which are perfect for accessorising and playing dress up.

5. Wang Zai Ball Biscuits

Also known as Little Mantou, these crispy round biscuits would melt in our mouths faster than we could savour them.

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