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Illustration: Ho Ler Lim

5 Fool-Proof Steps To Buying Fresh Fish

1. Look at the eyes

If you are purchasing a whole fish, pick one with bright, clear, full and protruding eyes. This is a sure sign of freshness. Avoid fish with cloudy, sunken and pink eyes.

2. Ask to see the gills

Fresh whole fish will have red or pink ones, and not dull grey, brown or green gills.

3. Check the skin

It’s similar to what you expect of a youthful human face: fresh fish should have shiny skin and “tight” scales.

4. Touch the flesh

It should feel firm and elastic and have a nice bounce when you press it gently. When buying fillets and steaks, their flesh should also be moist and translucent, without any signs of bruising or reddening.

5. Study the package

If you are buying sliced fish that is pre-packed in a Styrofoam tray, the meat should not be separating – a sign that it has gone mushy.

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