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Follow Me To Makan: Best Food Near Seletar Camp

Personnel from Seletar Camp, fall out! Time for you (and your loved ones) to discover scrumptious Hokkien prawn noodles, heavenly halal dim sum, and yummy beef burgers in the vicinity.

This video is part of our Follow Me To Makan series. In each episode, our ever-hungry host Benzo recommends the best food in the vicinity of a Singapore army camp. NSFs and NSmen (and your loved ones), you’re welcome!

Featured in this episode:

1. Blanco Prawn Noodle House
235 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799459


2. Tang Tea House
242 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799466


3. Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe
80 MAJ Building, Seletar Aerospace View, #01-01, Singapore 797563

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