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What I Eat In My Hood: Marine Parade Resident's Fave Spots

“I love living in Marine Parade. It’s super convenient for me to do fun things by the beach like cycling and picnicking with my kids, and there’s always good food nearby,” says 32-year-old Yip Ling Wei, who moved here about eight years ago when she got married.

The corporate consultant works long hours and finds salve in the balmy paths of East Coast Parkway. When she needs something good to eat, she nips to her nearby mall and hawker centres.

“It’s definitely more expensive to live in a HDB here, but the perks are worth it, lah,” she says. These are her favourite places for quality makan.

East Coast Commune

Location: 1000 East Coast Parkway, #01-03 Marine Cove

“I adore this cavernous space for its high ceilings, tasteful décor and the fact that the tables are spread far apart. Having all this space between tables feels like such a luxury in today’s world of packed-to-the-rafters hipster cafes.

"The service is always wonderful, the food excellent and everything very reasonably priced. I love coming here in the mornings for some quiet time by myself. I’d typically order a piccolo and perhaps a pastry, and dive into my emails before my workday really begins.

"I haven’t had a bad dish here. The sourdough waffles are fantastic, as is the steak and eggs, which I sometimes indulge in for breakfast when the week has me run off my feet and I feel too many days have passed since I last sat down to a good meal.”

Tip Top Western Food

Location: Blk 84, Marine Parade Central, #01-22

“This hawker stall has been here for as long as I can remember. Honestly, from the looks of it, it might even be older than me!

"I love the chicken chop, which is always succulent and drenched in a tasty brown gravy. The chopped coleslaw (almost like KFC’s) and the crinkle-cut fries are a total vibe. The fish and chips are pretty good too. I love the tartar sauce mixed with sweet chilli sauce that they give you in packets on the side. It’s a habit I’d developed since I was in primary school!”

Yong Huat Delight

Location: Blk 50A Marine Terrace, #01-297

“Not only is the chee cheong fan here delicious, the people who man the stall are so good natured too! I feel it’s kinda rare given that the service can get really grumpy at many popular hawker stalls with an unending queue.

"The lady boss is a former beautician from Guangzhou. Her skin is amazing… I’m guessing from all that steam she’s in constant contact with as she makes the cheong fan to order.

"The rice rolls are lovely — they are really thin, smooth and silky. I especially like the one with dried prawns and bang kwang cos it makes me feel like I’m eating some veggies with my cheong fan.”


Location: Blk 84 Marine Parade Central, #01-48

“Manned by a bunch of young chefs, the rice bowls here are excellent and easy on the wallet. I usually order the aburi miso salmon don cos it feels like a wholesome meal that’s really satisfying at the same time.

"When there’s wagyu don, I tend to go for that too. The beef is really tender and tasty. I love that there’s a runny egg on each bowl that really enriches the grains of rice. The chicken karaage is pretty good too. My kids and I love the food here.”


Location: 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-17/17A Parkway Parade

“Sushiro is the best thing to happen to Parkway Parade. Uni sushi at $3.20 each? I’ll take 10. The quality of the sushi here is amazing, especially for its prices. I come and devour the uni sushi when it’s in season, and the jumbo scallop sushi. So fresh and sweet!

"When there’s engawa (flounder), I whack that too! I tell my kids that they’re too young to have raw fish. So they happily eat crabsticks and tamago while mummy has her sushi fix.”

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