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If your motto is "bake the world a better place", then these apps are for you. Photo: 123RF

Baking Apps To Help Make Oven Life So Much Easier

Hats off to those of you who have been baking their way through the pandemic, and are still making delicious , , and today!

Ahead of World Baking Day (17 May 2022), we've rounded up some apps to make your baking life a piece of cake - whether you’re the master of the oven or you’re still feeling your away around the kitchen.


Kitchen Dial

Kitchen Dial is perfect for bakers that need to quickly convert between cups and teaspoons (and plenty of other kitchen-related measurements). If you spend $4.48, you can get rid of the ads and add extra features like converting ingredient weights. For a free app alternative, try Cupify for iOS or Cupful for Android.

Cool feature: You can control the app without touching the screen. It takes some time to learn, but it’s great if you’re wearing gloves or your hands are covered in cookie dough.

iOS and Android

This is the perfect app if you “knead” to learn how to bake bread. It comes with recipes by professional chefs perfected for home cooking. You can set timers for rise phases, kneading time, oven time, and more. And since baking is an exact science, measurements for ingredients come in grams (not cups).

Cool feature: “Baking Mode” turns every recipe into a distraction-free step-by-step guide, making it easy for newbie bakers to follow.

Screenshots: Tasty

iOS and Android

Chances are you’ve come across videos on the Tasty YouTube channel when searching for recipes online. Their app has rave reviews for its easy instructions, and users can leave advice and tips on how they improved or improvised their cakes and cookies. It comes with metric measurements for non-Americans, and does not have annoying pop-up ads.

Cool feature: Use “What’s in Your Kitchen” to search for what you can bake based on what ingredients you have at home.

Screenshot: Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper
iOS and Android

Instead of saving your favourite recipes one-by-one, try this app – simply copy and paste recipes for cakes and cookies that have caught your eye from existing documents, websites, or apps, and categorise them the way you like. You can even create your own cookbook complete with cover page and custom layout.

Cool feature: You can scan recipes from cookbooks, magazines, or scribbles on paper. The app can automatically convert words on images into text.

Screenshot: Rise

Rise – Bread Baking

It’s one thing to learn baking, but it’s another thing to figure out how to make the perfect sourdough bread! The Rise app has easy-to-follow recipes and articles for beginners, and tools like baker’s percentages, hydration, and scaling for experts to create the perfect sourdough – if you understand the jargon, then this is the app for you.

Cool feature: Get reminder notifications to feed your starter, calculate ideal rise times and your desired dough temperature.

Baker Behind The Bakes

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