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You Oat To Know The Differences Between Instant, Steel-Cut and Rolled

Before they get processed, all oats have attached kernels known as groats on their hulls and stalks. It is the way which they are processed that makes them different. Here’s how.

• Whole oat groats take the longest to cook and are also believed to be the most natural form of oats. Their inedible hulls have been removed.

• Steel cut oats, sometimes known as Irish oatmeal, are groats cut into two or three pieces. They can be chewy so you will want to cook them longer.

• Rolled oats are groats that are steamed and rolled up into flakes, hence their name. They are said to retain a stabilised form of healthy oil and are known to stay fresh for longer. Rolled oats are commonly used in baked goods and since they absorb more liquid than steel cut oats can, they make a good choice for overnight oat recipes that use soy milk, fruit juice or yogurt to soak and soften the oats.

• Instant oats are oat flakes that have been rolled into flatter, thinner pieces. They are the most processed type of oats but cook faster and are more palatable for some people than the chunkier steel cut or rolled versions. But if you want more bite in your porridge, you can also cook rolled oats in place of instant ones.

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