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Images: Janice Wong and Ikea Singapore

Tiger Kaya Buns, Chocolate Koi, And More Lunar New Year Limited Edition Offerings We’re Dying To Try

Ah, CNY. That time of the year when we collectively abandon our New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. While we traditionally associate the season with bak kwa, yu sheng, and pineapple tarts, nowadays, every other F&B company – be it a fast-food restaurant or a café – is releasing exciting seasonal menus and specials to commemorate the holiday.

Here are some goodies that we’re just dying to try:  

Image: Janice Wong

Janice Wong’s Chocolate Koi and Chocolate Coated Pineapple Tarts

Janice Wong’s pastry designs are a work of art, so if you’d like to impress your family and friends with some atas-looking offerings, this is the way to go. Despite its name, the hand-painted Chocolate Koi (pictured at the top) contains so much more than just chocolate – one bite, and you’ll encounter layers of crispy praline feuilletine and popping candy.

Chocolate Koi, $48 for a set of three
Chocolate Coated Pineapple Tart, $35 for a jar

Image: Luke's Lobster Singapore

Luke’s Lobster x Park Bench Deli: PBD XO Smoked Duck Lobster Roll

Last month, Luke’s Lobster Singapore unveiled its first exclusive collaborative rolls with a limited edition Sambal Achar Lobster Roll by Annette Tan of FatFuku and PBD XO Smoked Duck Lobster Roll by Park Bench Deli. We’re happy to report that the latter’s run has been extended until 15 February, so if you’ve ever wondered what an Asian-inspired lobster roll tastes like, now’s your chance.

PBD XO Smoked Duck Lobster Roll, $30.50
Available across all outlets and with island-wide deliveries

Image: Ikea Singapore

IKEA’s Lunar New Year Menu

IKEA’s seasonal menu, available until 28 February, features a whole slew of festive offerings, including Mala Pork Ribs and Vegetable Money Bag With Golden Fried Rice ($13.8), along with adorable pastries, such as the Tiger Kaya Buns ($2 per piece) and CNY donuts ($7.80 per donut).

Find out more here

Texas Chicken’s Hae Bee Hiam Chicken

As if fried chicken weren’t indulgent enough, Texas Chicken has brought back their limited edition Hae Bee Hiam chicken, which is bold, savoury, spicy, and chock full of CNY calories. Order it with a Golden Floss Wrap for maximum sinfulness.

Find out more here

Butter Bean Singapore’s O’Creamy Toast

CNY wouldn’t be complete without oranges, but let’s face it, by the time the season is over, we’re all pretty tired of eating them straight from the box (or from the pile on our parents’ dining room table).

Head on over to Butter Bean for another way to enjoy them!

Find out more here

Image: Da Paolo Gastronomia

Da Paolo Gastronomia’s Tiger Bread

It’s not every day that we get an Italian take on Lunar New Year food, so our mouths started watering at the sight of Da Paolo Gastronomia’s Tiger Bread, a sourdough version of Asian milk bread. The blonde dough is lightly flavoured with mandarin orange and saffron, while the chocolate stripes are infused with dark cocoa dough.

Tiger Bread ($8.80), available until 31 January 2022 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

McDonald’s Prosperity Feast

What’s Lunar New Year without the McDonald’s Prosperity Feast? This year sees the return of the Prosperity Chicken Burger, the Prosperity Beef Burger, Prosperity Twister Fries, Peace McFizz, and the debut of the Strawberry Pie.

Prices start from $1.80. Find out more here

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