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Ramadan 2023 food

Ramadan Bazaar 2023: 5 Lesser-Known Stalls You Should Check Out

How time flies! It’s already the last week of Ramadan. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this year’s Geylang Bazaar, you might be wondering whether it’s worth the hype. Perhaps you’re tired of all the usual Ramly burgers and takoyakis.

Fret not! If you want to venture out beyond the usual pasar malam fare, here are 5 stalls that will make your trip worthwhile.

1. Katoshka - Russet Fries With Sauces

Why we love it: One of the best things about the return of a full-scale bazaar is that Katoshka made a comeback to the scene. Their russet fries and sauces are to die for! 

Not to mention they are a convenient on-the-go snack. Also shoutout to the owner, Hasif, a young entrepreneur who started the stall in 2016 as an undergrad!

Must try: My personal fav is the sour ranch sauce ($11) but the special cheese and chilli beef flavours are spectacular in their own right too.

2. Praffles - Prata and Waffles Fusion

Why we love it:
Combining prata and waffles into a fusion snack is such a random idea. But somehow, it works! Incredibly delicious and addictive, Praffles’ signature prata-waffle base is truly the perfect case of East meets West .

Must try: Right off the bat, try the truffle cheese praffle ($11.90) which is the crowd puller. If you’re looking for a more local twist, go for the chilli crab praffle ($15.90) or rendang beef praffle ($15.90).

3. Oud - Authentic Arabic Fragrances

Why we love it: The last thing you expect is a luxury perfume stall right smack dab among all the makan options. But the Oud brand is well-known for producing alcohol-free fragrances. Hence, it’s popular among the Malay-Muslim and Arabic communities.

The name itself is a rough Arabic translation of wood and the perfumes are extracted from fragrant, dark, resinous wood (agarwood). 

Must try: Beyond their popular line of musks, also check out Oud’s collection of square wood burners ($119) if you’re looking to give your home an alluring scent.

4. Whiskdom - Lava Brownies, Levain-Style Cookies and Savoury Bagels

Why we love it: A godsend for those with a sweet tooth. Their decadent Levain-style cookies and lava brownies are simply irresistible but they also mix it up with savoury offerings as well..

Must try: The standard brownies and cookies start from $6.50 each. They also offer bagels in rather adventurous flavours such as Truffle Beef Steak ($13.90).

5. Rainbow Works - Japanese Banana

Why we love it: The most kawaii snack on offer at this year’s bazaar. Their signature Japan Banana ($6) pancake is a surefire hit among the kiddos and super aesthetic for all you IG influencers and TikTokers.

Must try: Come for the adorable Japan Banana but stay for the Cocolupa ($11.90), which is essentially a coconut milkshake and topped with corn, nata de coco, almond flakes and sugar toast.





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