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Feeling Unsexy? These Foods Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive

1. Ground flaxseed

So you’ve gone all clean-eating and love sprinkling lots of flaxseed on your cereals, in your yogurt and over your salad. Stop! Consumed in large amounts, flaxseed is believed to lower testosterone.

2. Mint tea

It is good for taming heartburn or a sick stomach but too much of this can tame your libido too.

3. Alcohol

A glass of bubbly can put you in the mood for some TLC but excessive drinking can put you off the mood for love. Because you’ll be too groggy. Think drunk sex.

4. Cereals

We saved the best for last. Apparently, John Harvey Kellogg, who created the popular breakfast food in the late 19th century, made cereals as an “anti-masturbatory morning meal”. Why? He was not comfortable with sex as he believed it was bad for the body, mind and soul. He himself never consummated his marriage and remained celibate, sleeping in a separate bedroom from his wife. Cereals-ly?

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