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Can we start a petition for McDonald's to bring back some of their limited-edition meals? (Especially the Salmon Burger one!) Photos: Nicholas Yong

We Rank All The Limited-Edition McDonald's Meals We've Had (BTS One Included)

I am a self-proclaimed McDonald’s fan. I love McDonald’s so much, the first thing I look out for when I travel to a new country is McDonald’s. Not because I like Big Mac so much (which I do), but because I want to try original, exclusive menu items that country has to offer. Like the McRib in Germany (awesome!) or the Maharaja Mac in India (unique!).

Suffice it to say, I will be one of the first to queue for any new limited-edition McDonald’s meal offered in Singapore. So of course, I ordered - and got my hands on - the BTS Meal (on delivery, gotta stay safe) even though it’s really just regular McNuggets with special sauces.

While I partook of the purple-packaged (and, honestly, quite pedestrian) meal, I was reminded of all the great limited-edition McDonald’s meals that have been offered in Singapore, and decided to rank the ones I've had.

(Note that these are truly limited-edition meals, not like the Prosperity Burger or Samurai Burger that are seasonal and expected to appear annually.)

Hokkaido Salmon Burger Meal

Released in: May 2018 and October 2020

Out of 5:

Chew on this: Most of us probably remember the Ebi Burger, but McDonald’s switched it up in 2018 by giving us the Hokkaido Salmon Burger. The salmon patty from Hokkaido was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and best of all – no fishy taste, unlike some other restaurant with a salmon burger that came out at the same time. Crossing my fingers for a comeback this year, and not in 2022. In its first release, the meal came with Seaweed Shaker Fries and Matcha ice cream, while the second comeback had Hershey’s Chocolate McFlurry and soft serves (yay), and Starz Potato - essentially, potato bites shaped like a star (nay) - aka my second most-hated McDonald's item. (Number one most-hated is salted-egg fries.)

Nasi Lemak Burger Meal

Released in: July and September 2017, and April 2019

Out of 5:

Chew on this: Our neighbours up north were both furious and jealous when the Nasi Lemak Burger meal was introduced in 2017 in the run up to Singapore's 52nd National Day, and brought back two years later. Fragrant and full of flavour like nasi lemak, with a little kick from the spicy sweet sambal sauce. Also part of the meal was Bandung McFizz, a weird combination of Bandung and Sprite, as well as the best McDonald's special fries ever: Criss Cut Fries. I also miss the Chendol McFlurry, my favourite chendol mixed with McD vanilla ice cream. We don’t speak of the Coconut Pie, which didn’t join the comeback (for good reason). The year 2019 also saw the Chendol soft serve, which I probably had 10 servings of before it was gone for good.

Rendang Sedap Angus Beef Burger Meal

Released in: August 2018

Out of 5:

Chew on this: Oh gosh, this was so sedap my mouth is still watering thinking about it. Rarely do you see McD Singapore make something special out of their Angus beef. There was so much sauce in it that it could get annoyingly messy, but the rendang taste was authentic. Sinfully good and went so well with the fried egg, but I hated eating it in the restaurant because the sauce would be everywhere. Along for the ride was a D24 Durian McFlurry, which had little durian pulps, as well as Criss Cut Fries.

Ha Ha Cheong Gai Burger Meal

Released in: July 2018

Out of 5:

Chew on this: One month prior to the Rendang Sedap, Mcdonald’s Singapore created the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Burger (prawn paste chicken burger) – this was all part of 2018 National Day celebrations. This was ok lah, there wasn’t a strong Ha Cheong taste, but the thigh meat was a plus. Side dishes for this meal included actual Ha Ha Cheong Gai Drumlets that are closer to the real thing, and Criss Cut Fries. During this time, they also introduced a Breakfast Curry Burger – nothing too special, just a McChicken patty using the McNuggets Curry Sauce.

Seoul Spicy Burger Meal

Released in: March 2017

Out of 5:

Chew on this: What happens when you marry the legendary McSpicy with Korean sauces? The Seoul Spicy Burger came with sweet spicy sauce, which, now that I think about it, you could sorta recreate by pouring the BTS Meal Sweet Chilli Sauce all over a McSpicy. Part of this meal was the heavenly Kimchi Shaker fries that I remember really liking, and Peach McFizz, another odd combo, this time of Peach and Sprite.

BTS Meal

Released in: June 2021

Out of 5:

Chew on this: It's. Just. Nuggets. To be fair, there are two new McNuggets sauces. While the Sweet Chilli Sauce was too sweet for my tastebuds, the Cajun Sauce was great, reminded me of the old Honey Mustard Sauce served so many years ago. McD, please put it on your menu - I’m sick of the BBQ Sauce! This meal gets for the sauce alone.

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