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Where To Find Super Shiok Potato Chips For Just $1

I have a motley crew of friends (and frenemies) on Instagram who like very different things, from sian-faced cat memes and $5,000 designer watches to Blackpink and Fei Yuqing.

But in recent weeks, after I posted my latest snacking finds on Instagram Stories, I have had many of them sliding in opinionated, passionate DMs.

The topic that cuts across all SES levels, dietary genres, age groups and “I’m a cat person, You’re a dog person” sororities?

Potato chips.

In particular, house-brand potato chips from the Dairy Farm Group (means 7-Eleven, Marketplace, Giant and Cold Storage lah) and NTUC FairPrice.

And just in case you start Googling or pestering your neighbourhood supermarket aunty for potato chips under the brand House, house brands refer to merch sourced and packaged by supermarkets under their own names, and are usually more affordable than similar “branded” products.

For instance, the Dairy Farm Group launched its Meadows house brand in August – because COVID-19 made a lot of us performance bonus-less – and offers about 200 products, from tomato ketchup to cornflakes and, of course, potato chips. These are said to be 20 per cent cheaper than similar items from other brands. Because when the chips are down, you want to spend less.

Still on cheap chips, a Dairy Farm Group spokesperson revealed in an earlier newspaper report that one of the Meadows bestsellers is potato chips.

First, each packet is ridiculously cheap. At only $1 for a generously sized bag, it is cheaper than many things in 2020. Second, for that price, you can still expect many flavours, some harder to find than the rest, like Truffle.

From my tiny straw poll, it also seems that while there is one camp of fans who hunt down their favourite Meadows chips at Giant supermarkets (“Tsk, the one at my place is so small and only has Original flavour!”), another camp swears by FairPrice’s potato chips. These cost $1.15 each (they even have value packs of four) and come in flavours like Black Pepper and Sour Cream & Onion.

And since I’ve tried most of the flavours – I don’t do Original because it’s as pointless and desperate as eating plain Jacob’s cream crackers – here’s a little review.

A Lazada page selling this highly desirable snack at twice the original price.

Meadows Potato Chips Truffle, $1 each

Available at: Selected Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets

One fan says sagely that if you aren’t into truffle anything, these can taste a bit like petrol – although I’m sure she does not eat enough of petrol to know what it tastes like. The first bite releases an almost overpowering burst of what tastes like truffle oil on your tongue but afterwards, it’s all good and you may feel like you are eating truffle fries at P.S Café. Also, if something is worthy of scalpers’ attention in Singapore, it’s worthy enough for you to eat. Case in point: this Lazada poster is selling these chips at $25 for 12 packs – yes, that’s twice the original price.

Meadows Potato Chips Mala and Hot & Spicy, $1 each

Available at: Selected Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets

Despite their names, they aren’t CMI kind of spicy. Just salty and finger-licking good during your 1am Netflix binge. But both taste same-same to us.

Meadows Potato Chips Tom Yum, $1 each

Available at: Selected Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets

Our favourite because they really have that tom yum tang! They are also not as salty as Nissin Cup Noodles Potato Chips Tom Yam Seafood.

Photo: Pearlyn Tham

FairPrice Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion, $1.15 each

Available at: Selected FairPrice supermarkets

These are as yummy as those from the more expensive American brands. And the chips come in just the right thickness – there’s enough heft so you don’t feel like you’re fishing out buay-shiok brittle crumbs, and yet they’re still thin and crispy enough for a satisfying crunch.

Photo: Pearlyn Tham

FairPrice Potato Chips Black Pepper, $1.15 each

Available at: Selected FairPrice supermarkets

Be warned: these are very, very spicy – not in the chilli or curry way but in the biting, peppery way. The scalp-tingling sting stays on your tongue and in your throat for a few minutes. Have a nice cold drink ready.

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