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6 Ways to Relieve Post-Holiday Bloat

Feasting over the holidays usually involve large amounts of sugar, refined carbs and salt, all of which leave us feeling fat and bloated because the body’s balance (and cravings) are out of whack. But did you know you can do more than just working out and eating better to get back on track?

Try these 6 easy tips to get rid of your food baby bloat after the holidays:

1. It’s a good time to detox

Detoxing helps clear the body of the excess sugar, salt, and toxins that have built up over the holidays. Excess salt causes fluid retention and puffiness; refined sugar causes spikes in blood sugar; and excess alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration. All this means your body is retaining water causing bloating and puffiness. Cut out refined carbs to rapidly lose the unneeded water (and weight), and switch to healthy fats and lean protein. Also stock up on fruits and veggies to get the vitamins and minerals that were most likely missing from your diet during the holiday feasting. For example, cucumber, celery, lettuce and kale are terrific options, as are dark, leafy greens.

2. Fuel up on the right breakfast

It may seem ironic to have a good breakfast the next morning following a food binge. But a lean protein-high fibre mix breakfast is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Having foods high in insoluble fibre like whole grains can help move things along in your body and eliminate bloat, while protein gives you the energy for a good morning start.

3. Drink water

Chugging plain water helps the body eliminate waste and flush out toxins. Cut out calorie-laden, zero-nutrition sugary drinks and simply add ginger root slices in water for flavour and to help with digestion. Still bored of water? Eat high-liquid fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew that also help relieve water retention and bloating.

4. Make simple food swaps

Using spices in place of fat in many dishes can boost flavour and combat that inflated-waistline feeling. Cinnamon and ginger are great for digestion and are commonly used in home remedies to help with gassiness and bloating. Likewise, while reducing salt is necessary to de-bloat, did you know you should stock up on foods that are high in potassium instead? Potassium can help your flatten your stomach by flushing out excess sodium in your system. Try potassium-rich bananas, raisins, milk, and yogurt.

5. Cut back on the alcohol

Now that the holidays are over, cut out the margaritas and heavy beers. If you can’t go off alcohol completely for a few weeks, choosing the right drink can still help relieve the post-holiday bloat. Limit yourself to a maximum of two drinks and opt for wine or other low-calorie drinks.

6. Resist constantly weighing yourself

Weighing yourself every morning or after every meal doesn’t help when you’re trying to get rid of bloating. Instead, put the scales away and let your body and clothes fit tell you how you feel.

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