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Involve your furkid at Puppy Yoga Singapore (left) or challenge yourself at BOUNCE Singapore’s obstacle course, for instance. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/@PUPPYYOGA.SG AND @BOUNCESINGAPORE

Fun Workouts In Singapore To Give You A Head Start On A Healthier New Year

Feeling sian to exercise? Do your fitspo friends saying “running gives me a high” baffle you?

You’re not alone. The mere thought of exercising makes me groan out loud. All that effort to get out of bed, put on workout clothes, only to do the same lap around the park connector or the same HIIT routine on YouTube. Meh.

But as reality sets in when I step on the weighing scale, I know I’ll have to find ways to motivate myself to work out. If you’re just like me, try these unorthodox but fun workouts that will have you forgetting that you’re breaking a sweat!

Obstacle courses

Paging adrenaline hunters! Feel the rush at one of the many obstacle courses in Singapore aimed at pushing your body (and mind) to the limit. Our top picks include the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir for some treetop fun, X-Park at BOUNCE Singapore (for American Ninja Warrior-style training) and HydroDash at Sentosa, the first floating aqua park in the country. As usual, book ahead in advance for these activities, and be sure to check out their FAQ page for a guide on attire and pre-requisites.

Psst, Forest Adventure will be closed from 4 to 13 Jan 2023 for maintenance works.

Burn calories in a splash

Did you know that physical activity in the water burns calories faster? But no lah, we are not asking you to do 10 laps at the SAFRA swimming pool. Try aqua spin offered by The Ripple Club, which is essentially a spin class but submerged in water. Alternatively, get out of your comfort zone with wakeboarding. Waketime Wakeboarding can help you pick up the sport even if you’re a complete beginner - imagine posting your wave-riding exploits on Tiktok (once you get the hang of it). Hello, engagement!

Jio your friends

Instead of settling for your usual group activity, gather the squad and get some active minutes in! Throw a laser tag party at The Fun Empire or DUX Laser Tag, host a mini paintball tournament with the gang at Red Dynasty Paintball Park or Crossfire Paintball, or challenge your best bud to one of the obstacle courses we listed above. Nothing like slaying your fitness goals while having a good time with your homies.

Fitness fun with video games

If you’re into video games, why not try your hand at exercise-based video games like Ring Fit or Nintendo Switch Sports? You’ll be so engrossed in acing your challenges that you’ll forget you’re exercising. Get bae to join in and feel that endorphin rush together.

Taking it out of your home, local gym Ascend Fitness offers a real-life version of an exercise-based game with their Exergame4D. In this, you move by following digital icons projected on the floor using digital mapping technology – a futuristic version of arcade dance machines. A one-time ticket starts from $25 and gets progressively cheaper if you buy bigger bundles.

Think out of the box

Do you want to have a crack at something that we are sure none of your friends have tried? We got you fam. Book one of these unconventional workouts: ready, set, jump with trampoline fitness by BBounce or get an aerial workout in bungee dancing at Elin Dance Studio. These are guaranteed to take the boredom out of your daily routine.

Bring the dog in “downward-facing dog”

Love yoga and doggos? Then this activity is for you. Get your furkid involved in a yoga sesh at the aptly-named Puppy Yoga Singapore or just interact with the dogs in class if you’re not a dog owner. They offer two types of classes catered for small and mid-sized dogs. Do remember to check out their page for specific requirements if you’re bringing your dog to class.

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