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How about listening to four pals on their podcast, participating in neighbourhood group buys, or trying out some multi-player games? Photos (clockwise from top left): Instagram/@THEYUV AND @VADAPOCHEPODCAST, Unsplash/@16bitspixelz and @minkmingle

5 Ways To Celebrate International Friendship Day Together Apart

"Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food."

So true, right!

And that's why this International Day of Friendship - a day proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly to highlight how "friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities" - we've decided show you some ways to appreciate and celebrate (with) your best buds and friends in our community.

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(From left) Meet Syed Sharif, Yuvaraj Uthaman, K Bharath and VS Jawhardeen, the fab four behind Vada Poche Tamil Podcast.PHOTOS: instagram/@theyuv and @vadapochepodcast

1. Listen to this podcast

Spotify Spotlight: Four Guys And A Hit Tanglish Podcast You Should Tune In To, Stat

K Bharath (26, a podcast producer), Yuvaraj Uthaman (28, a marketing manager), VS Jawhardeen (26, a project engineer) and Syed Sharif (30, a compliance officer), are the very definition of #friendshipgoals, and the voices behind Vada Poche Tamil Podcast.

From tackling relatable topics within the Tamil community to engaging in spirited debates on everyday issues, this weekly audio show has garnered an audience beyond our borders, even reaching listeners as far away as India.

Keep the kampung spirit alive!Photo: Unsplash/@leoniewise

2. Check out a group buy channel

Can’t Deal With Delivery Fees? Save Money And Foster The Kampung Spirit By Joining Your Neighbourhood’s Group Buy Channel

By sharing orders, you and your neighbours save on delivery fees, foster a bit of kampung spirit, and help local merchants keep their businesses afloat.

Disclaimer: This list is by no means exhaustive, since new group buy accounts pop up all the time, so if you don’t see your neighbourhood on here, don’t fret – either you live somewhere that’s central enough to not necessitate a group buy, or perhaps you should be the one to start it.

Photos: Facebook/@itsrainingraincoats

3. Support our migrant worker buddies

How To Continue Helping Our Migrant Worker Friends

Here are some ways you can step forward to donate and volunteer your time and skills to support the migrant worker community - whether it's providing our friends daily essentials and welcome refreshments or helping to boost their morale.

Co-op game mode on!Photo: 123RF

4. Gather in a game

International Friendship Day: 7 Newbie-Proof Games To Play With Your Buddies

Can't meet or hang out in person with your squad? Here's a list of newbie-friendly co-op video games to entice everyone to gather online instead.

5. Be a good listener

6 Things Not To Say When Someone Shares Their Problems With You

One of the most important things a good friend does is to listen. And if you have to respond to a pal who has taken the courage to open themselves up to you about what they're going through, make sure you think before you speak, and avoid making these potentially hurtful statements at all costs.

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