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Leon Tham (Left) and Shing are the barista-founders of Brash Boys Coffee, located at Neuros, One North. IMAGES: Ng Kai

The Perfect Brew: Baristas Who Will Talk Cock With You IRL And On TikTok 'Live'

Starting a biz with friends or family can always be a double-edged sword. More often than not, friction turns the relationship sour. But if done correctly and with the right ingredients, it can be a partnership that overcomes any obstacle - and when it comes to the business of making coffee, these two 25-year-olds have found the perfect blend.

Meet Leon Tham and Shing, the "bros" behind Brash Boys Coffee, located at Neuros, One North. Friends since secondary school, they always wanted to run something of their own. The secret of their successful alliance: "We don't take things too seriously - we are two clowns who started up a cafe-circus!" says Shing. This means bantering with customers (many of whom have become their friends), and going "live" on TikTok daily.

We speak to Shing about how TikTok "live" has brought in the customers (even from overseas!), and unintentionally naming their business after a, um, porn site.


First up, tell us how you came up with the name "Brash Boys Coffee".

I guess it's us in certain ways: the word "brash". Plus, we are young and boys, you know? And because the abbreviation "BBC" is kind of funny as well. We were like, "Hey, the abbreviation funny, bro".

Also, this is damn stupid: So, after we registered the company and were looking for domain names, I did a search and came across - which turned out to be a porn site! We really didn't know! (Laughs) That's why I say we are clowns. We didn't check. We were just like, "Eh bro, let's just do this." Then end up, it's a porn site.

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