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QUIZ: Are You A Love Match For BB In This New Normal?

In all the years BC (that’s “before COVID-19”), if you wanted to suss out whether your latest Tinder date or your poly crush was compatible with you, you would do one or all of the following:

❤️ Find out his/her zodiac or horoscope sign and Google “Taurus and Virgo love match”.
❤️ Stalk his/her Instagram account to see if he/she is crazy about cat memes like you are, and if he/she hates spring onions too.
❤️ Check out whether he/she wears Nike or Puma for gym workouts.
❤️ Pluck petals off a rose.
❤️ Ask: “Resale or BTO?”
❤️ Play a game of Flame. It involves crossing out common letters in both of your names, counting the leftover letters, writing down the word “Flame”, matching that leftover number to every alphabet in this word, noting the last letter in “Flame” which you stop at… okay, never mind, it’s so complicated (like dating and relationships) that we aren’t surprised only tweens are into this.

But now, things are even getting more complicated and convoluted than a game of Flame because baby, it’s Covid outside. If you are meeting someone new, you may want to add one more mafan compatibility test to your list.

And it’s called the Covid Compatibility Love Match. In the West, singles who are seeing their Zoom dates IRL for the first time have been known to walk away when they realise the other party does not wear a mask. Here, you know what happens if you don’t wear one, so no need to ask each other about whether to mask or not to mask liao.

Make sure both of you take this test separately and then compare your answers to see if they match and whether you Covid, uh, covet, each other truly.


When you have a fever and a sore throat, what should you do?

1️⃣ Visit a GP right away.
2️⃣ Go to work as usual, then have hotpot with colleagues for dinner.
3️⃣ Take Panadol and Pi Pa Gao.


If your friend invites you over for a house party and there are 117 people in the home, what do you do?

1️⃣ Be the 118th guest, Instagram wefies all night long and get everyone into trouble.
2️⃣ Go home.
3️⃣ What house party? I have no friends.


What should you do when you are wearing a mask?

1️⃣ Pull it down to your chin or pull it away from your mouth when you speak (so you can hear yourself better).
2️⃣ Pull it down to your chin or pull it away from your mouth when you sneeze (so other people will inhale your saliva particles more than you will).
3️⃣ Wear your mask over your nose and mouth at all times.


If you have a SHN, what would you try to get away with if you knew nobody’s really watching you?

1️⃣ Nothing. It’s not about the law, it’s about your own principles, it’s about the collective good.
2️⃣ Sneak downstairs to 7-Eleven because you suddenly want to eat a Magnum.
3️⃣ Take the train, then change two buses to buy AirPods because you don’t trust online shopping.


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