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Here’s our fun guide on how and where to do the romancing ILLUSTRATION: KIT KHONG

First Date Ideas According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Finding a date can be tough liao. So, once you find one, be sure to wow the person with the right date activity.

Feeling clueless? Check out our fun guide on how and where to do the romancing, according to the Chinese zodiac cycle.

If your date is a: Rat


He or she is: Adaptable, outgoing, creative but also timid and loves to gossip
First date idea: Art jamming. You don’t want anything too adrenaline-pumping to scare off your rat date. Plus, sitting beside each other for a couple of hours lets you two chat a lot and kaypoh other couples around you.
Try: My Art Space@ Istana Park which conducts what they dub “hassle-free” (yay!) two-and-a-half-hour sessions with painting tools, unlimited acrylic paint and even one drink. The studio looks out onto the tranquil Istana Park green space in the middle of Orchard Road.

My Art Space@Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, Singapore 238888
Find out more here

If your date is an: Ox


He or she is: Patient and courageous but also not open to change and thinks too much
First date idea: Board games at a games café. This person will love the long hours of strategising and mulling over a musty-smelling board that 3,521 other gamers have pawed at.
Try: King And The Pawn. They have an extensive food and drinks menu, which includes locally-roasted coffee and signature cocktails, so you won’t have to moo-ve to another place for a meal later.

24 Purvis St, Level 2, Singapore 188601
Find out more here

If your date is a: Tiger  


He or she is: Charming, brave and competitive but also irritable and boastful
First date idea: Go-karting. Your date loves a good (engine) roar and be sure to impress him or her by letting him or her win. It’s okay – you can reverse the situation once you go steady. 
Try: KF1 Arena offers a fun kart option for novices with a speed limit of 30km/h. Even then, look out for bends on the track that will test your navigation skills.

KF1 Arena, 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366
Find out more here

If your date is a: Rabbit


He or she is: Kind-hearted, friendly and domesticated but also non-confrontational
First date idea: Culinary class. It’s a social enough activity but not too loud and rowdy for the homebody bunny.
Try: ABC Cooking Studio offers long-term baking and cooking courses but they also have two-hour trial lessons for first-time customers. If you sign up for the class on making Japanese Hamburg Steak, you get to nibble on your own creation after the lesson.

ABC Cooking Studio, 391A Orchard Road #03-12 Takashimaya S.C, Singapore 238873
Find out more here

If your date is a: Dragon

He or she is: Energetic and a born leader but also over-confident and tactless
First date idea: Escape room. If you prefer to be led than to lead, let your overachieving dragon date decipher the clues, search around for hidden exits and assure you that you’ll be out of the room within five minutes.
Try: Lost SG Escape Room. They have a few concepts here, ranging from an underground mausoleum to an infamous prison.

Lost SG Escape Room, 1 Selegie Road, #B1-03/04, GR.iD, Singapore 188306
Find out more here

If your date is a: Snake


He or she is: Sociable, enthusiastic and, er, sexy but also jealous and insecure
First date idea: Belly-dancing. Snakes love all things sensual and they enjoy being with other people so they won’t hiss at this suggestion.
Try: Alhambra Bellydance, Singapore's first bellydance school. OnePA offers bellydance classes at selected community centres across Singapore.

Various outlets
Find out more here

If your date is a: Horse

He or she is: Positive, free-spirited and open-minded but also half-hearted about finishing up a task
First date idea: Quad bike riding. This is definitely a yay and also neigh for the horse date.
Try: Coastline Leisure has kiosks at East Coast Park and besides renting the usual bicycles and tandem bikes, they have family quad bikes. These are two- or four-seater, partly-covered rides that require one person to steer but both riders to pedal furiously away up steep slopes and past rollerbladers and cyclists who may weave into your path. It’s a fun way to show off (or test) your quadricep power. 

Various outlets
Find out more here

If your date is a: Sheep


He or she is: Mild-mannered, imaginative and calm but also shy and slow-moving, and likes to be alone
First date idea: Going to the movies. Yes, predictable but this suits the sheep’s preference for quiet environments and activities that do not require much energy.
Try: The Projector screens mostly indie foreign and homegrown movies, which will appeal to the sheep date’s artistic streak.

The Projector, 6001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Tower, #05-00, Singapore 199589
Find out more here

If your date is a: Monkey


He or she is: Confident, energetic and fun-loving but are heart-breakers and get restless easily
First date idea: Virtual reality gaming. Your date loves monkeying around and will appreciate anything high-energy and F.U.N.
Try: Headrock VR. This Sentosa attraction houses 11 VR experiences (enough to sustain the restless monkey date’s interest) across three zones that are categorised as mild, moderate and challenging. You can challenge each other to a game of archery, escape from a T-rex in a jungle or brave blizzards on a dog sled – it’s all make-believe, of course. And you may just spot Big Bang’s Seungri, who’s a spokesperson of Headrock VR.

Headrock VR, Waterfront at Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-38/39, Singapore 098138
Find out more here

If your date is a: Rooster


He or she is: Neat, observant and practical but also vain and conscious of appearances
First date idea: Book-binding or notebook-making workshop. The rooster date won’t be crowing happily about a date activity that requires a lot of ugly perspiring or senseless clowning around. Ugh. Something genteel, intellectual and hipster – preferably done in a neat, decent, air-conditioned space – will put you at the top of their pecking order.
Try: Bynd Artisan’s Holland Village branch (or, ahem, atelier) has various book-binding or even notebook-making workshops. For instance, you can custom-make your own atas notebook (not the $2 ones from Daiso) using natural-grained leather. The bonus: you can deboss your name on it. Just not something like “Mary loves John” on your first date, please.

Bynd Artisan, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-54, Singapore 278116
Find out more here

If your date is a: Dog


He or she is: Friendly and responsible but also self-righteous and not good with social gatherings 
First date idea: A walking tour of Singapore, preferably related to something “righteous” like a nature or history trail.
Try: Jane’s SG Tours conducts a myriad walking tours with themes like “Wartime Singapore”, “Naturally Singapore” and “Architectural Singapore”. The “Black and White Houses” tour is especially popular so book early if your date is a history and architecture geek. 

Find out more here

If your date is a: Pig


He or she is: Happy, patient and carefree but also self-indulgent and fearful of what others think of them
First date idea: Foot massage. Those born in the year of the pig have a snout for relaxing, shiok activities like going to a spa. But being butt-naked with each other on a first date is a little boar-ish for most people. So a foot reflexology session is perfect.
Try: Natureland. This chain offers affordable foot reflexology treatments that even our high SES friends rave about. They are also open from 9am to 3am.

Various outlets
Find out more here

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