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Are you on the fence about venturing into the unknown? Get some insights from Bryan Ang, founder of Hyper Fame Digital, who took the plunge. Photos: Pexels/@mikael-blomkvist (left) and Instagram/@bryanangzw

Health To Wealth: Pivoting From Physio To Marketing To Help More At One Go

Nowadays, everything and everyone seems to be on Tiktok or Instagram. And these are just two of many online platforms that businesses can use to attract more people to buy their goods and services - and that's what you call "digital marketing".

In 2019, Bryan Ang decided to dive into the world of digital marketing with zero experience and no connections, and has never looked back since.

Today, the entrepreneurial 28-year-old is the proud co-founder of Hyper Fame Digital, a company that has helped thousands to scale and expand their businesses.

In a video on your IG, you mentioned being inspired by a lecturer who said “why help one person at a time when you can help millions at a go” – how is this going so far for you? Have you been able to help significantly more people than you would have as a physiotherapist?

I have currently been blessed to be able to help thousands and even more at a time when our clients engage us. I decided to use digital marketing to change people's perception of certain products and services which add value to their lives - and so far it has paid off.

Inspiration can really strike any moment - a trip to Europe prompted Bryan to do a career one-eighty.Photo: Instagram/@bryanangzw

An internship in Europe prompted you to make this career change. Tell us about it and how it all happened!

I had a physiotherapy internship in Ireland and that led me to making new friends over there. I was a dancer back then and talking to my new friends made me realise that I should take risks while I can, and not wait till I'm in my forties and have a family to support.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you made the career switch, and how did you overcome it?

I literally had no experience, not a lot of money to survive and no network. The biggest challenge for me was to go to various businesses and pitch my services. Sometimes I got turned down harshly.

But I dug deeper into learning how to do sales, why people were not interested and mainly improved my networking skills as well.

Another thing that helped me was online networking. I managed to be quite proficient in it and made a lot of connections with big business owners and learnt plenty from them as well.

Share some tips leh! What's your biggest advice for anyone in a similar predicament, who is thinking about making a big career pivot like you have?

Plan ahead. If you are someone who is just starting out, just do it - you have nothing to lose anyway. As long as you have a roof over your head, and money for food, you should start.

But it really depends on the situation you are in. I also took up one or two part-time jobs while juggling with starting up my business. So don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Ups lah! What are you most proud of so far? What has been your greatest success?

I'm most proud of having taught and guided my team members who, at the start, knew nothing about marketing and advertising, to them knowing where they are experts in their own field in the company.

My greatest success has been helping our clients generate over $10 million in the past two years of running the agency.


Any exciting plans or collabs in the works?

Currently, we are looking to expand our clientele into other countries such as Malaysia, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom next year.

We are also planning to start our own e-commerce company. Our end mission is to transform companies with the power of digital marketing to impact over a million people worldwide.

You mentioned that your background as a medic in NS inspired you to pursue physiotherapy. Which unit did you serve in, and how did your NS stint motivate or inspire you?

I served in 4SAB (Armour Bridgade) and honestly just studying it and helping people in the medical centres and participating in a support role made me aware that I might be cut out for this in life, which is why I decided to pursue it after the army.


Since we are a digital publisher and a website, and you said to “stop sending customers to your website”, any tips and tricks for us? LOL!

You should stop sending people to your website via ads, unless you have a particular strategy to capture them.

Usually most websites don't have any way to create their own traffic source (email, telegram group, youtube channel etc.); it's a bit hard to explain everything with just one paragraph.

But in a nutshell, have a customer journey roadmap that allows you to capture your audience's info to monetise it in the future. This is to ensure you have control over your traffic and not be 100% reliant on any platform.

If Google one day decides to change their SEO rules, you might just get a decrease in traffic and that might affect your business badly. So this is to help you cushion that effect.

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